Is WhatsApp’s Free Voice Call Coming Soon?

Earlier this year, WhatsApp hit the news headlines because of its acquisition by Facebook.

The social network giant decided to acquire the chat service for 19 billion dollars and while many people raised their eyebrows over this, WhatsApp users are waiting for the changes that will come after this deal. One thing that makes WhatsApp more successful in its field is its no ads policy and its developers have already made a promise that none of it is going to change. However, this is not the first acquisition made by Facebook and from previous acquisitions, the social network company has made subtle changes within in the app.

Reports about Free Voice Call

Soon after this deal, there were reports that WhatsApp is adding a feature that its users were already missing all these years. There have been leaks about a voice calling feature that will soon be incorporated in WhatsApp. Both companies have kept mum on the reports and users and news sites are left speculating. The reports also stated that the feature will be added sometime mid-year but the year is about to end and we still have not heard any solid confirmation by developers.

WhatsApp Continues to be Popular

There have also been minor updates on WhatsApp since the acquisition but none of them involves what everyone is waiting for. The awaited feature is yet to make an appearance on the app’s updates. In the meantime, WhatsApp users have now reached more than 600 million active users. This only means that people trust WhatsApp for their everyday communication even when it lacks other popular services like voice calls and video calls.

WhatsApp Users May Choose a Different App Soon

WhatsApp is solely for texting for free and it’s enough for its millions of users because unlike its rivals, WhatsApp is really after a seamless chat experience. Some would even say that its simple function is what makes it stand out above others. However, even the simplest app can be boring sometimes. Soon, people will start looking for more and WhatsApp may fail to deliver. People would want to call their friends for better communication or video call to have face-to-face interaction. WhatsApp is yet to have these features and there lies the problem. Its 600 million users may start looking for another app to use.

More Talks on Voice Calls

It is perhaps because of this threat that reports about voice calling feature is once again making the news today. A quick search and you will find several reports that are claiming that the most awaited WhatsApp feature will be available sooner than you think – in fact, the rumors said that in the next update, WhatsApp users will be treated to a free voice call feature.

Record Voice Calls Soon

Not only that, there are also talks about the ability to record audio. The update is also said to let users record calls and they can choose to record the incoming audio or outgoing audio. This added feature is bound to carry privacy controversies but, honestly, the users will only care about the free voice call feature at this point.

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