King’s New Game Farm Heroes Saga Looking to Improve Its Popularity Rating

Do you enjoy Candy Crush Saga and are you are looking for something similar or designed on the same lines?

Farm Heroes Saga is yet another popular game that you can play as it comes loaded with some smart features.

What Is Farm Heroes Saga All About?

If you are wondering as to what is the game all about, you need to know that it revolves around the concept of collecting vegetables and fruits. Every level will give you something different to conquer and it is upon you to ensure that you are doing things right.

If you are unable to clear the levels, you need to first get the right understanding of the game as it will give you the right inroads into successfully progressing ahead in the game. The game basically asks you to collect different vegetables and there are a series of steps that you need to follow. Some levels require step wise collection as you may have to plant flowers.

The game is easy to grasp and once you follow the instructions, you will be hooked to the game. The game is pretty similar to candy crush saga in the way it operates. However, that is where the similarity ends because unlike candy crush saga, Farm Heroes Saga is all about vegetables, eggs, flowers and fruits.

Is the Graphics Impressive?

When you are playing a game, you are likely to take a closer look at the graphics because if the graphics isn’t perfect and appealing, you will not be attracted to the game. While Farm Heroes Saga does have an impressive graphics, but somehow you will miss candy crush saga because the game isn’t as lively as the latter.

The interface of the game isn’t as appealing as it could have been. It looks like King could have worked a little harder to spice up the game and style it in the right manner. While the colors, graphics, and the interactivity offered by the game aren’t bad, the fact that most gamers tend to compare it with Candy Crush Saga makes it a hard battle.

Is the Game Popular?

If you want to trace the popularity quotient of the game, it pays to know that it isn’t the most popular game. There is no comparison in the popularity of both the games, however, the developers are hopeful that with time, its popularity will pick up and Farm Heroes Saga too would be equally popular.

There is no flaw in the designing of the game and the levels have definitely been smartly made. You are not likely to be bored when you are playing the game, as there are many different missions that you will be offered. Having missions to clear makes it even more intriguing as it gives direction to your game play.

If you haven’t tried this game ever, you could opt for a free download and try your hand at it. There is no additional cost that will be incurred and it never hurts to try your hand at a game because who knows you might end up being addicted to it.

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