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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Latest Adobe Flash Player 15 Bypasses Any Object Failovers to Offer Mobile…

Latest Adobe Flash Player 15 Bypasses Any Object Failovers to Offer Mobile and PC Users Smooth Video Streaming By – Dec 21, 2014 0 0 SHARE

The Adobe Flash Player 15 now comes with the ability to enable you to watch 3D videos over the web.

What this means is that you can now enjoy watching videos from a variety of angles without noticing any difference in length, height and breadth.

The latest version of the Adobe Flash Player 15 comes with greater focus on online video games as well as support for 3D viewing. In line with this statement, here are the major changes implemented in the latest version of the Flash Player with the aim of supporting these objectives or goals.

Changes in the Fullscreen Orientation for Windows 8.x Devices

The Flash Player 15 comes with an intelligent inclusion that enables it to detect and appropriately scale any video so that it fits best on your device during fullscreen orientation mode. In this way, the display of your clip is enhanced and from this you’ll feel like watching from a TV rather than on a tablet or a PC.

One limitation is that this update is only available for users of Windows.

Automatic Software Fallback

The latest Flash Player 15 is driven by an easy-to-use capacity known as StageVideo. The software behind this feature is capable of working even if the hardware is not installed. With the StageVideo feature, users of Adobe Flash Player 15 are guaranteed flawless launching of videos, as it ensures that any object failover is bypassed, so that the online content can be launched without any failures or glitches.

Flash Player 15 is Available for Mobile Devices

This is a major development in Flash Player as users of all mobile platforms can now enjoy smooth streaming of web content and videos on phones from sites like YouTube. With the inclusion of Adobe AIR 15, you can now enjoy videos with bigger resolutions on your smartphone without noticing any difference.

Adobe Includes HD Display for Apple Retina Display

Apple has been buzzing with their latest Retina HiDPI Display and Adobe are not ready to lag behind as the latest version of the Flash Player 15 comes with StageText display to support this latest development from Apple.

This feature enables users to have a better experience of viewing videos on a display that is already very clear. This feature is an added advantage for users of iPads, iPhones as well as Mac Books.

Flash Player 15 for Gaming

The inclusion of the Adobe AIR 15 has made it possible for cross-platform games to work on mobile phones without any complications. Advertisers will save heavily from using the Flash Player 15, as this cross-platform ability will ensure they design just a single version of an ad rather than designing separately for each of the many platforms available.


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