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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Latest Adobe Flash Player 16 Download Now Compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems…

Latest Adobe Flash Player 16 Download Now Compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems and Web Browsers By – Dec 10, 2014 20 0 SHARE

Adobe Systems recently released the latest version of the Flash Player series by launching the Adobe Flash Player 16.

This app comes as lightweight software which means that the RAM required to run this application is very minimal. In this way, the latest version of Flash Player 16 is a very high performing as well as highly expressive multimedia software application.

The latest update of Flash Player 16 comes in with numerous improvements that are aimed at bettering the user experience when viewing web content, playing videos as well as other expressive web applications. The latest update has handled the compatibility issues that were evident in earlier versions of Adobe Flash Player, as this version can be used on a myriad of devices, web browsers and operating systems without having any execution errors.

Many people across the web make use of this Flash Player application on a day to day basis and it has turned to become an indispensable application, whether it is for entertainment or business purposes. The dominance that this multimedia app enjoys is immense and with such a large crowd of people behind the use of a software application, there is always the increased need of rolling out regular updates that ensure users keep getting the best experience that is free of bugs and unwanted hiccups.

Adobe Flash Player 16 for 64-bit Platforms

As earlier noted many people (around 750 million) across the globe trust and use the Adobe Flash Player for their web application purposes. Adobe is always striving to keep their users loyal as well as devise strategies of luring new users to this platform. As a result, Adobe has gone further to include support for 64-bit operating systems and web browsers. With such an amazing development or update to their system, Adobe will for sure capture a larger audience based on the support of this new platform.

Other notable features to be included in the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 16 include better control for bitmap, enhanced graphics rendering as well as improved support for high-resolution bitmap. In addition to these, users (developers) of Flash Player 16 can take maximum advantage of the many features for streamlining the application development process, improve performance, as well as allow for better privacy control and security in addition to delivering users with applications that are rich and without any compatibility issues.

Adobe Flash Player 16 allows users to view interactive web content without experiencing any glitches in the quality of images and streaming.

Features of Adobe Flash Player 16

Stage3D profile – this feature makes it possible for developers to come up with amazing and very fast cinematic games in either 2D or 3D modes. In addition, Flash Player 16 allows the use of fully accelerated GPU rendering so that the power of OpenGL and DirectX is leveraged.

Enhanced mouse control – Good news for developers as the latest version of Flash Player allows for easy creation of immersive and panoramic video games that take full advantage of unlimited rolling, mouse lock, right and middle clicks as well as the relative coordinates of the mouse.

Concurrency – Adobe Flash Player 16 comes with ActionScript workers in addition to full support for shared ByteArray. With the help of these two great features, users can create high quality games and general web content in a way that they are more responsive and perform in the best of ways. In addition, users can leverage the machine’s resources through sharing of memory as well as offloading tasks and assigning them to background workers capable of concurrent functioning.

Improved privacy – The latest updates include new security updates where users can create and deliver their audiences with protected premium web content with the help of the Adobe Access feature. With this feature, business people can include various models in their activities and some include live broadcasting, video on-demand, HD rental and electronic sell-through.

Multicore rendering – It’s possible for Flash Player 16 users to deliver SWF files that are optimized through LZMA compression protocol. In this way, such files are easy and fast when downloading. Upgrading to the latest version 16 of Flash Player will ensure that you build vector graphics that are high performing in addition to displaying 1080p videos using up to 4 CPU cores.


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