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Sunday, April 5, 2015

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Latest Google Chrome Browser to be Integrated with Gmail

Latest Google Chrome Browser to be Integrated with Gmail By – Jan 12, 2015 8 0 SHARE

When talking about email services, it won’t be enough without mentioning Gmail.

This email provider from Google is one of the best in the business and with the Google brand name behind it, this application wasted no time in gaining the faith of users.

The Gmail service has been around for over a decade now and over this time; this app has seen numerous changes thanks to the recent developments in the technological world.

Smartphones are behind the growth of Gmail

The advent of smartphones and especially the Android-powered models is what has recently catapulted the popularity of Gmail. The simple and fast nature of Gmail is what defines it and also separates it from other email service providers like Yahoo and Hotmail.

This application has dominated the global emailing industry with Google Play Store recently recording more than a billion downloads for this application.

Another venture of Google is the Chrome browser and this again offers users with the fastest and simplest browsing experience that no other browser offers. Just about 6 years into its operations, this web browser has reached a massive crowd across the globe and as it stands, it holds a market share of more than 52% in the web browsing business and it has managed to outshine the predominant Firefox.

Google Chrome is open source

What has contributed to the success of this web browser is its open source nature, with the only part that isn’t open source about Chrome being the Flash player component.

Latest Chrome comes with integrated Gmail services

The latest version of Chrome is taking a twist and is set to integrate Gmail services into the web browser. What this means is that Chrome users will be able to access this email service directly from their browser. No more opening of new tabs for launching the Gmail service when browsing on the latest version of Chrome.

You’ll be notified of incoming emails from your screen’s lower left corner, just like with the Facebook notifications but they’ll feature the traditional red and white colors of Gmail. An additional Google Hangouts widget will also be included such that users can easily use the voice/video calling as well as chatting services from the browser.

The release date of this new version of Chrome is not known but it’s expected to be towards the end of this month.


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