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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Latest Viber 5.0 Download for iOS 8.1.2 Comes with Improved User Experience

Latest Viber 5.0 Download for iOS 8.1.2 Comes with Improved User Experience By – Jan 4, 2015 27 0 SHARE

Hardly five years ago, Viber was born as an iOS-based free voice calling app.

Competition for the app suddenly started increasing and the developers of the app did not hesitate in releasing versions for other platforms; a move that was very effective in increasing the customer-base of the application.

Viber was recently bought by a Japanese tech giant known as Rakuten and this hasn’t had any negative effect on the app as it keeps recording more and more sign ups. Having only had around 5 million users in 2011, this app now boasts a massive user base of more than 450 million people across the globe. The journey towards success hasn’t been the easiest for Viber, thanks to the dozens of competitors out there, who offer similar services as this app.

Viber can be installed on multiple devices, operating systems and it’s also a cross-platform app.

Viber 5.0 Comes with Enhanced Features

As earlier noted, the path to success has not been the easiest for Viber. Competition means you ought to offer the best in order to be the best and as such; Viber has released the latest version of Viber 5.0, which comes with many improved features for the latest version of iOS 8.1.2.

Users of Viber can now enjoy enhanced voice clarity when making voice calls. This change has also been effected on the quality of pictures where users of version 5.0 of Viber will enjoy video calls of the highest quality and all this is free.

Note that the calls will only be free if the person you are calling is also connected to Viber. However, the location of your friend or family is not an issue, as long as they have a stable internet connection; the communication process will be flawless. The only charges you incur for using Viber on your iOS 8.1.2 device are for your data plan. Strong connections mean quality voice and video calls.

iOS 8.1.2 Users to Make Free ViberOut Calls

Viber has numerous competitors in the VoIP niche and as such, it is always working towards designing ways it can use to lure more consumers into using the app. One method Viber is using to do this is offering free calls to any user of an iOS 8.1.2 device who downloads and starts using the latest version of Viber 5.0. With the ViberOut feature still fresh for users of Viber, this is a great chance of testing the quality of calls as well as a great move by Viber towards recapturing its iOS client base.

This offer will definitely lure more people into trying out Viber as they’ll be doing it for free. With the improved HD codecs that the latest version of Viber 5.0 comes with, it might be the perfect opportunity to switch your allegiance to Viber when it comes to making free voice and video calls as well as sending and receiving instant messages.


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