LG G2 vs. Sony Xperia ZL – Which Phone Offers Superior Interface and Functionality?

LG had its share of bad luck in the smartphone arena. The Company has gone through tough times.

However, LG bounced back and released an array of handsets in the market. Regardless, the Company could not cast an impression in the smartphone arena. It was later when LG G2 was released; LG saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The LG G2 helped the company claim its rightful place in the smartphone arena. Treading on similar lines, Sony also released the Xperia ZL smartphone, which comes in direct competition to the LG handset.

The LG handset comprises of a bigger screen, additional features, quick and powerful processor, which aims to provide you a better smartphone experience. On the other hand, the Xperia ZL from Sony incorporates a bigger display, LTE connectivity, superior quad core CPU and a massive 13MP primary camera. Both the handsets have a lot to offer to the potential user. How they stack up against each other with respect to interface and functionality, let us find out.

Interface and Functionality

Interface: The LG G2 incorporates the Android version 4.2.2 OS. However, LG makes use of their customized UI. In fact, the LG UI has been rated the best available customized user interface. It is similar to the TouchWiz UI in appearance. As a result, the UI provides the user with lively and bright colors, but lacks in the animation department.

On the other hand, Sony comprises of a modified platform. The Xperia ZL incorporates a plethora of pre-loaded wallpapers and themes for both lock and home screens. Overall, the user interface is both excellent and practical. The Xperia ZL was released with the Android 4.1.2 operating system, which can be upgraded to the Android 4.2 OS.

Messaging: The messaging application for LG G2 handset can get the job done, but cannot be termed consistent with the UI. However, the on-screen keyboard offers a decent typing experience. The handset comprises of a huge 5.2-inch screen, which offers plenty of space in the portrait mode.

The on-screen keyboard of the Xperia ZL handset is both smart and customizable. The large keys of the keyboard are user-friendly. The word prediction app in the handset provides flawless typing experience.

Organizer and Software: The LG G2 smartphone comprises of a myriad of applications for voice recording, alarms, tasks, calendar and weather. The Sony Xperia ZL incorporates a variety of applications such as Socialife, IR Blaster and Sony Car Apps.

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