LG G2 vs. Sony Xperia ZL – Which Smartphone Provides Better Interface and Functionality

LG has struggled in the smartphone market.

However, the company did not back down and released a number of smartphones in the market. Despite a number of high-end products released in the smartphone arena, LG failed to make an impression on the market. The release of the LG G2 handset from the company earned them a place in the smartphone race again. The latest release from LG comes in direct competition with the Sony Xperia ZL handset. The LG smartphone packs a large screen, quick processor and added software features to make your life easy.

On paper, the Xperia ZL from Sony appears identical to its stylish cousin. The handset comprises of a 5-inch 1080p display, 13MP camera, LTE connectivity and a powerful quad core processor. These features are enough to push the handset into the high-end smartphone segment. The compact size of the Xperia ZL derives power from a bigger battery than the Xperia Z smartphone. Whether the LG product is competent to confront the challenge posed by the Sony handset, let us find out.

Interface and Functionality


Interface: The LG G2 comprises of Android 4.2.2 operating system out of the box. However, LG prefer making use of its own custom UI to run things. LG’s user interface has been rated highly customizable, probably the best available in the market. With respect to its appearance, the LG G2 UI is very similar to that of TouchWiz. The UI offers bright and lively colors, in almost every display. However, the animations are not so subtle.

Messaging: The messaging app is not consistent with respect to the design of its user interface. However, it would get the job done with ease. The handset offers a decent typing experience with the on-screen keyboard. The 5.2-inch display provides ample of space when used in portrait mode.

Organizer: The LG G2 handset comes with a plethora of versatile applications for alarms, tasks, weather, calendar and voice recording.

Sony Xperia ZL

The Xperia ZL runs on Android 4.1.2 operating system out of the box. However, the OS may not be the latest, but can be termed as recent. However, there are chances of the handset being upgraded to Android 4.2 operating system very soon.

Interface: Sony has modified its platform with respect to appearance and functionality. The Xperia ZL comes with an array of pre-loaded themes and wallpapers for home and lock screens. A plethora of wallpapers is offered to match your taste and mood. Overall, the UI is good as well as being practical.

Messaging: The on-screen keyboard equipped on the Xperia ZL is customizable and smart. The buttons are large and easy to press. The inclusion of word prediction makes typing on the on-screen keyboard a flawless task.

Software: The Sony Xperia ZL comes equipped with various applications such as Socialife, which accumulates all your social networking feeds on a single platform. The Remote Control app makes use of the IR Blaster to manage your TV, home theatre system and set top box. The Sony Car app can be used while driving, providing shortcuts for music player and GPS navigation.

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