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Sunday, March 1, 2015

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LG Spirit, LG Magna, LG Leon and LG Joy – The New…

LG Spirit, LG Magna, LG Leon and LG Joy – The New LG Budget Smartphones to be Released at MWC 2015 By – Feb 26, 2015 72 0 SHARE

LG Electronics will use the upcoming MWC 2015 technology event to launch their new series of budget smartphones that are aimed at capturing the overseas LG market.

This technology event, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, starting from the 2nd of March, will be used to reveal the LG Spirit, LG Magna, LG Joy as well as the LG Leon smartphones.

These devices by LG Electronics will also come with 3G and 4G LTE variants. These smartphones will be released alongside the LG G4, which is the company’s product in the other end of the economic spectrum. There are also some other rumors suggesting the event may also be used by the company to showcase its new smartphone in the LG G Flex series. So, what are some of the main features that will be included in these budget smartphones from LG Electronics?

LG Magna and LG Spirit

The LG Magna and LG Spirit are considered as higher-tiered when compared with the other two models, the LG Joy and LG Leon. What makes the former devices to be considered a little superior than the latter smartphones is the fact that they have a fairly larger screen size and a few upper hand features, as opposed to the other two lower-tiered smartphones.

The LG Magna and LG Spirit both come with a curved screen as well as a rounded back. This is the first time the curved screen and rounded back technologies have been featured on a budget smartphone. The purpose of the rounded back is to aid in the grip of the phone when holding in one hand. Both smartphones will also be equipped with in-cell touch displays and similarly, this technology was also available on premium smartphones only, combining the LCD and the touch sensor in order to make the devices more touch sensitive as well as thinner.

The LG G series is equipped with UXs, for instance, Glass View and Gesture Shot. These UXs will also be featured on the Magna and Spirit LG models. Using Gesture Shot, users of the new LG Magna or LG Spirit will be able to take selfies by simply using hand gestures, which can happen from a range of 1.5 meters rather than have to manually press the camera button. Using Glass View, users of these devices will be able to see the time, missed calls as well as messages on the screen when the phone is off.

The two devices also have their own differences. The Magna has a screen size of 5 inches and is powered by a quad-core processor that is clocked at a speed of 1.2/1.3 GHz. At the back of this LG smartphone there is an 8MP camera, while the front camera is equipped with a snapper of 5MP. This camera is outstanding for lovers of selfies. It is also enough for enjoying quality video calls.

The LG Spirit on the other hand comes with similarly the same processing power as well as back camera as the Magna, but it has a smaller screen size of 4.7 inches.

 LG Leon and LG Joy

As noted earlier, the LG Leon and LG Joy come in as lower-tiered smartphones, which makes them a little bit less-packed with specs as compared to the two upper end smartphones in this category. The major differences that spring out are the sizes of the display screens, where the LG Leon features a screen size of 4.5 inches, while the LG Joy comes with an even smaller screen size of 4 inches.


The LG Magna, LG Spirit and LG Leon are equipped with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS, while on the other hand the LG Joy runs on the older Android 4.4 KitKat.


It will be interesting to see how LG Electronics performs in the lower-end spectrum of the market with these phones. There is no news of the price range of these four devices but since LG terms them as budget smartphones, they are expected not to exceed the $300 mark.

The upcoming MWC 2015 will also be used by LG Electronics to launch their new smartwatch known as the LG Watch Urbane.


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