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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Major Update for Minecraft Xbox One Brings a Dozen New Items

Major Update for Minecraft Xbox One Brings a Dozen New Items By – Dec 18, 2014 2 0 SHARE

The developers of the console edition of the game are real busy right now finalizing the title update for Minecraft Xbox One, Playstation 4 and other console editions.

There is lots of new stuff to look forward to in the release. While 4J Studios, the people behind the game haven’t revealed an actual release date for the launch, it is evident that the content is all ready to be launched shortly.

The team is already in Las Vegas showing off horses and other major updates for the Playstation consoles. As the same is going to get launched on Microsoft consoles as well, you can definitely expect an announcement along with a release date real soon. We assume that it should be made public before the end of the month but there’s this certification process that they have to go through in order to make this possible.

Newly Launched Teaser Images

A new set of teaser images is now up on the Twitter account of 4J Studios that showcases four different user interfaces. Fireworks will have a manual crafting interface while it has been confirmed that PC crafting would allow players more freedom to bring their ideas to life. A lot of new additions are part of this major update for Minecraft Xbox One.

Horses are an important part of it because the domestic mob which can be bred and fed but will also help players move around large maps. They are a convenient mode of transportation that saves a lot of time spent in travel. 4J Studios have already shown off the horses. There are two different colored animals, one in grey and another one in white but the developers confirmed that the changes will be only in their physical appearance while their characteristics will remain the same.

Additional Content

Even before the development of Title Update 18 began, 4J Studios confirmed that it would be huge. As promised, Minecraft Xbox One is going to receive multiple features and new ones were added just days ago. The confirmed new additional content includes weighted pressure plates as well as Minecraft with TNT.

These explosives can be used in different circumstances to barge into closed locales or as a trap for enemies as well as entities. There are also fireworks that would be a great choice for players to celebrate the upcoming holiday season and New Year in grand style, within the world of Minecraft.


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