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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Mario Kart 8 Ad is Old, No New Gamepad Coming for Now

Mario Kart 8 Ad is Old, No New Gamepad Coming for Now By – Dec 21, 2014 2 0 SHARE

A lot of gamers assumed it to be the next big thing for Nintendo Wii U console.

It all started with the Mario Kart 8 advertisement that showed off a blurred vision of a gamepad that looked different. As gamers were expecting a slim and sleek version of the pad with better wireless controls and grips to make gaming more exciting, everyone speculated that the company is revising their line-up.

No New Gamepad is coming

But, as it has now been confirmed that the ad for the racing game was pretty old and it has already been published once. Just because the gamepad was blurred, people started assuming that it is something new. It has been confirmed that this is not a teaser trailer for an upcoming launch but Nintendo should definitely take this into consideration and confirm a new gamepad for 2015.

After all, the Wii U console is just picking up and it would help a lot with such new additions that would encourage more people to buy the hardware. Some expected features include a slimmer body so that the gamepad is easier to hold, grips on both sides, better signal support as well as multiple gamepad support so as to allow different gamers to indulge in the same title at once.

Best Game on Wii U

Many surveys held recently confirmed that Mario Kart 8 has won the best game of the year award on the Wii U console. After two years of slow down, the console hardware has slowly started picking up and everyone suddenly got crazy about the Amiibo figures, the Super Smash Bros among many other titles. With so much going on, polls were conducted to see which game pushed the hardware from debacle to a grand success.

A lot of gamers answered their opinion on different websites and Mario Kart 8 easily won the award because even though there are many other good games for the console, this one is considered to be a system seller. If you were to own just one game with the Wii U console, it should be none other than this game that has a lot of improved features including amazing controls, competitive game play and new set of tracks that simply keep pulling you back to the game over and over again. If you haven’t tried the new Zelda DLC yet, you should definitely do it.


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