Mario Kart 8 DLC in November Brings Zelda, F-Zero and Others

Are you enjoying your Mario Kart 8 racing as your favorite characters?

For those who just can’t get enough of the game, there’s an exciting new DLC coming up in the month of November. Even though, some of you might be already familiar with this, it is good to know the additional content that you are going to receive with this release right? The listing is official on Nintendo’s online store in the UK as well as other countries, where the company has confirmed that the racing game is going to get much more exciting. The downloadable content release will bring in all new characters to the race, as the new exciting courses with challenges and vehicles which will give you an advantage over others in the game.

Two New DLCs Promised

The company has promised that Mario Kart 8 will receive two new downloadable content packs. Both of them will have two entirely new cups to race for, with four courses each. That is plenty of new tracks to get into. Some of the courses will be based on the other popular game titles including Excite bike, Animal Crossing and F-Zero. All these are iconic games on the Nintendo platform and being able to see courses from these titles in all new 3D graphics is wonderful news for players who enjoy it. It’s going to be a bit of nostalgia come this November.

It has also been confirmed that these packs will retail for a price of 7 UK Pounds in the country, whereas pricing in other international regions is yet to be confirmed. You can also choose to purchase a double pack that includes both DLCs for 11 Pounds.

A Long Wait

If you are planning to enjoy both packs for Mario Kart 8 together, you are in for a blunt surprise. The first DLC releases in November which will introduce new characters including Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link. It also includes 4 new vehicles, and 8 courses to race in. The second pack will come out only in May 2015 which will bring in characters Dry Bowser, Villager and Isabelle. It also includes the same 4 vehicles and 8 courses to choose from.

The new downloadable content for Mario Kart 8 will provide 8 different colored Yoshis as well as Shy Guys to race with. There is a chance to play as Link or Zelda but it has not been confirmed whether it will be pre-order bonus or bundled character.


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