Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air – Laptop Or Tablet?

No, the Surface Pro 3 isn’t a laptop, but you can add a keyboard and a mouse and transform it into a pseudo-laptop. Don’t worry about its performance, because the Intel processor does its job magnificently. The iPad Air, on the other hand, is a sleek tablet with a smaller display.

Designs and displays

Metal is the new star and both Microsoft and Apple spoiled their fans with their good-looking devices. However, the Surface Pro 3 is built from magnesium, while the iPad Air has an aluminum casing.

The iPad Air is thinner than its opponent, measuring only 7.5mm, compared to 9.1mm, and weights 469/478 grams, while the Surface Pro 3 weights 800 grams. Being bigger, the Surface Pro 3 offers a larger display of 12inches, which is eDP ClearType HD with a resolution of 2160×1440 pixels (i3 based) or 3200×2000 pixels (i5 and i7 based). The iPad Air comes with a 9.7inches LED-backlit IPS LCD display which is capable to render a resolution of 1536×2048 pixels and offers 264ppi, with18 percent more pixels than the Surface Pro.


Only the Surface Pro 3 features a Surface Pen with which you can open OneNote and navigate easily desktop applications.


The Surface Pro 3 operates on Windows 8.1 Pro, which means that you will run Windows Store applications. The iPad Air runs on Apple’s iOS 8.1 after coming with iOS7.


The Surface Pro 3 is powered by an Intel Haswell low-power dual-core processor with three variants consisting of an i3 clocked at 1.5GHz with 3MB cache; i5 clocked at 2.9GHz also with 3MB cache; and i7 clocked at 3.3GHz with 4MB cache. These processors are extremely powerful and you’ll have the impression that you’re operating on a real laptop. The iPad Air is powered by an Apple A7 dual core 1.3GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) processor.


The Surface Pro 3 is available in four variants of internal memories, so the 64 and 128GB variants pair with 4GB of RAM, while the 256 and 512GB variants support 8GB of RAM. The iPad Air has 1GB of RAM and has also four variants of storage, 16/32/64/128 GB, unexpandable. However, sometimes, the Apple tablet has some problems with running out of memory when accessing too many applications at once.


The Surface Pro 3 has a battery with a lifespan of 9 hours when surfing the web. Its capacity hasn’t been unveiled, but we know that the iPad Air has a Li-Po 8600 mAh battery with 9 hours of usage.


Both devices sport rear cameras of 5MP with autofocus, but while the Surface Pro 3 has a front camera with the same resolution, the iPad Air has a poor snapper of 1.2MP.

Microsoft Office

You’ll be able to run this program on both tablets, because there are compatible versions for both devices. Anyway, the Surface Pro 3 supports the full-blown desktop Office, whereas for the iPad Air was created a iOS version which must be purchased separately.


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