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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Microsoft Targeting Cheaper Phones With Windows Phone Software

Microsoft Targeting Cheaper Phones With Windows Phone Software By – Feb 23, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Microsoft is gearing up to grab more market in mobile software. It has lately partnered with more hardware manufacturers including chipmaker Qualcomm to come up with highly affordable smartphones targeting developing countries like China and India.
The software giant is working on cheaper smartphone design with the help of Qualcomm to allow handset manufacturers built their own smartphones. China’s Lenovo Group Ltd. has already announced of making Windows smartphones apart from few other companies.

After trailing the higher-end smartphones of Google and Apple, the company is now focusing in building up Windows OS market share from the bottom up.

Microsoft vice president Joe Belfiore said today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that cheaper devices mean consumers of the developing countries can have an opportunity to use the Internet for the first time.

The company is designing a basic core of a smartphone equipped with wireless chips and necessary processors to help developers start with as they make Windows phones.

Microsoft may also update its Windows 8.1 software and also the Windows Phone software next month to target the lower-end devices.

This is the first time Microsoft is wishing to spread Windows to more corners. In 2012 the operating systems chief of the company, Terry Myerson, floated the idea of low-cost or free Windows software to smartphones.

At the MWC few other companies too announced to be developing low-end devices. Browser giant Mozilla Corp. even unveiled a $2.5 phone prototype.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also acquired Nokia recently to develop cheaper phones run on its own software.


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