Minecraft Doesn’t Need a Sequel, Says Xbox Boss

After the Microsoft acquisition, Mojang is now under their ownership and an important decision, such as introducing an all new sequel to the game, has to be made by them.

Ever since the game got launched on PC, it has been the same title with a lot of new DLC content that has been entertaining gamers so far. As the game doesn’t have any next gen graphics, it never had to face the question of releasing a sequel to the title or improvising on what is already available. In a new interview, Phil Spencer the head of the Xbox One division had things to share about the new acquisition as well as the Minecraft game that is now theirs to decide.

Community Decision Is Important

He said that he is not completely sure about introducing a sequel to this phenomenal title that has been making millions happy around the globe. Speaking to a gaming news channel, he said, “The community that has been supporting the game has been really strong so far and they are just growing as time passes. Instead of making decisions, we are responsible and have to make sure our teams meet their requirements as well as the wishes that they have. Before we decide to do a sequel, I guess we should first seek their permission and support to go forward with the idea”.

Spencer, during his chat, also added that Mojang was purchased by Microsoft for a hefty sum of $2.5 billion and the deal is yet to properly close with all the paperwork to be done before the end of the year. In order to make it a success, the company has to take their steps carefully and not do anything in a hurry, especially releasing something huge as a sequel before knowing whether the community really wants it. “It’s not like we are going to ask every one of them to approve the idea but we definitely need some assurance from their side. Our team will see what the gamers need, from their perspective and see how we could do our contribution to help it grow”, he clarified.

With the sale complete, he confirmed that Microsoft is looking forward to unify Minecraft on all platforms so that players could enjoy the same updates and content, irrespective of the console or PC that they are using. They are planning to bring the whole system into one roof so it is easy to update and move the game forward.


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