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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Minecraft – Getting Started For Beginners

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Minecraft is simply a gaming sensation that has expanded quite well beyond what many people thought of when it actually appeared as a nearby indie game in the year 2011.

Nevertheless, for all its rapid popularity, it is not a game which spoon-feeds you with all that you need to really succeed. Where to begin, how to make your own house and also the basics of mining may seem like a bit of a mystery, especially when you first boot-up.

If you are brand new to the world of Minecraft, then the first thing you will want to do is to find some way to protect yourself. At first, everything may seem to be fine but around ten to fifteen minutes in night will fall and the nasty creepers will start appearing. The following are some of the minecraft tips and tricks for beginner.

How do you craft your first items?

The first thing you need to do is to create is pickaxe, a crafting table as well as a house with both a door and a bed. You need to make them in this particular order: crafting table>pickaxe>house. The crafting table and the first pickaxe should be made of wood. After you have made your wooden pickaxe, then hack into a nearby mountain or even start digging underground since you need to find stone in order to make a stone pickaxe.

Pickaxes that are made from more advanced materials may mine more advanced blocks which are quicker and more resilient. For a glimpse into the future, the following is how the pickaxe hierarchy works:

  • Wood – durability of 60
  • Stone –durability of 132
  • Iron – durability of 251
  • Gold – durability of 33
  • Diamond –durability of 1562

How do you make a bed?

A bed is normally used to fast forward through the night that is the danger time in minecraft’s world. It is made of both wool and wood planks. The wool comes from sheep while the planks come from the trees. Once you have both the wood planks and the wool, you can now make a bed using the crafting table. However, you cannot sleep if the monsters are nearby and therefore you should place it away from the dark crevices where the monsters might spawn.

How do you keep monsters at bay?

The best way that you can keep your house together with its surrounding area safe is simply by lighting it up. You may use torches to provide the light that is made using a lump of coal and a wooden stick that is produced from the wooden planks.

How do you keep your house safe?

You need to make your house a very safe haven when the night falls. Making a bed and also adding a front door is one way of making your house safe. Ladders are also easy to make and can’t be climbed by the enemies. Adding a ladder to your house just as an access point on a side creates a safe way both in and out should your front door be packed with the skeletons.

To get started with minecraft, just make use of the above tips and tricks.


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