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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Minecraft – Is Combat an Important Update?

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For those of you who play Minecraft, you’ll know that combat is quite a big part of the game. If you don’t properly protect yourself and have the right equipment on you then you won’t get very far in the game before you are killed by a hostile mob. Furthermore, you will lose all the items you’re carrying as soon as your health is completely depleted.

This article will help you learn some fundamentals of combat in Minecraft and how you can properly protect yourself. We’ll cover points such as: swords and their uses, bows and arrows, and the creeper.

Note on a Sword

A sword can be a very useful piece of equipment to have and should be the first combat weapon that you obtain, it is a short range weapon and can inflict more damage than a bow and arrow. Even the very basic wooden sword will deal just as much damage as a bow and arrow.

There are five different types of swords that you can craft in the game, these are: wooden sword, stone sword, iron sword, gold sword, and diamond sword. The swords can be crafted by using the respective materials.

Make sure that you always keep on sword in your inventory, they are a vital piece of equipment when you are dealing with hostile mobs and in most situations they are much better than a ranged weapon.

How to Make a Bow and Arrow

A bow (along with a few dozen arrows) can be a great weapon to have in your inventory. Since it is a ranged weapon, it can be particularly good when dealing with creepers and other hostile mobs that should be attacked from a distance. The creation of bows and arrows is quite simple, we will go through the steps below.

In order to craft your equipment, you will need the following resources:

  • 3 Sticks
  • 3 Strings

To obtain sticks, you will need to first gather wood which should be crafted into wooden planks. The wooden planks can then be crafted into sticks. The strings can easily be obtained by killing spiders.

On the crafting table, arrange your sticks like so:
One stick in the top-middle box of the grid
One stick in the middle-right box of the grid
One stick in the bottom-middle box of the grid

This should resemble a triangular shape. To complete the crafting process, simply place all 3 strings so that they fill up the whole left column of the grid. You now have a bow!

To create arrows, you will need the following resources:

  • 1 Stick
  • 1 Flint
  • 1 Feather

Flint can be found by mining gravel, and feathers can be found by killing chickens. In order to craft your arrow, all you need to do is place the items in a straight-vertical line on the grid. The flint should be placed at the top, the stick in the middle, and the feather at the bottom.

Fear the Creeper

Even though there are numerous hostile mobs that you will come into contact with when playing Minecraft, one mob that you should look out for in particular is the creeper. The creeper is quite a distinctive figure with a rectangular-shaped body, no hands, and four legs. It has a light-green texture which makes it stand out quite easily.

Another trait of the creeper is the infamous “hissss” type sound that the player will hear shortly before the creeper explodes. This explosion will occur 1.5 seconds from the point of the player being within a one block radius of the creeper. The countdown will be stopped if the player moves out of the blast radius or knocks the creeper back more than 3-5 blocks.

When dealing with creepers, the most important thing to keep in mind is the explosion. You should always keep your distance and only go close to the mob when you are attacking. A good method is to hit the creeper once with your sword and then back away, keep repeating this method until the creeper is dead. Alternatively, you can keep your distance and attack with a bow and arrow.


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