Minecraft PS Vita First Update Info

Minecraft PS Vita is releasing around the world right now and allows for Minecraft fans the world over can enjoy the full console version of Minecraft as opposed to the iOS and Android versions which are currently available. This gives a whole load of gameplay options which aren’t available right now such as the ability to fight the ender dragon, beat the game and also a lot of different multiplayer  and other functionality, such as the ability to transfer worlds to and from your PS3 once you get home. This is a really big improvement by itself, and really creates a great reason to pick up the PS Vita if you don’t have one already.

If you do have a PS Vita already, you might be wondering if it’ll ever receive updates, because although the game dominates the mobile versions it is still inferior to the PC. Do not worry, as it has been confirmed by the games developers (4JStudios) that all of the updates for Minecraft Console will also be going onto the PS Vita edition, just at a potentially delayed date.

This means great things for the first update coming to Minecraft PS Vita because details about the next update were recently released by 4Jstudios, who announced via twitter that the next update may take a while, but that it would be equivalent to 1.6.4 on the PC. This is a massive leap forward from the console version (vita included) which is currently equivalent to 1.3.2 on the PC.

This of course means that there are the equivalent of three PC updates finding their way to the console in this next update, the 1.4 update, the 1.5 update and the 1.6 update. I’ll quickly go over the details of what each update brought by itself to hopefully excite you about this new update containing all three, as well as potential new features coming exclusively to the PS Vita version.

First we’ll talk about the 1.4 update, also known as the pretty scary update. This update brought a bunch of new mobs into the game, including the wither skeletons, witches and bats. You can probably work out from the title and the aforementioned mobs that this update is intended to be spooky, and the biggest feature more than confirms that, as it is the wither boss. The wither boss is the hardest boss to fight which is in the game so far. Even with enchanted armour and weapons you’ll still need friends to help you out, to give you an idea of the difficulty of this fight.

Once you kill this wither boss, you’ll be rewarded with a wither star (and a little experience). This wither star can be used to craft the beacon, one of the most rewarding items in the game which requires blocks of gold or diamond to craft, and which provides buffs for any players around it, which are able to be chosen from a wide array of different ones.

Next, it includes the 1.5 or redstone update. This update made lots of changes to the redstone system in the game, which is one of the more complex elements of the game as it is. This update essentially changes redstone from digital (on or off) to analogue (having a whole range of signals in between). It also gives some items to take advantage of this new signal type, like the daylight sensor (different power of signal depending on the time of the day) and the weighted pressure plate.

This alone is a fairly big change, but the other redstone based items are also quite useful, such as the dropper (an improved version of the dispenser for certain items / purposes) the hopper and the redstone comparator. It also greatly improves the mine cart system, while adding new mine carts like the mine cart with TNT.

Finally, the 1.6 or horse update. This brings in the most requested feature from the past year or so, the horses. It also brings in other variants of horses (such as donkeys and mules) as well as many other items to go with the horses, such as a new horse spawn egg, hay bales, horse armour and horse leads. Horses are probably the biggest feature from this update as your can tell by now.

It also brought with it stained clay, which allows for much more creative coloring of your minecraft world, as well as a change to the way golden apples work, as well as a whole host of other useful changes which really improve the feel of the game overall.

So, as you can tell from this brief look into the next update, it’s going to be a big one. If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to download this rather large update, some point next year is the only real date we have for it, but it should be more than worth the wait!


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