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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Minecraft PS Vita Horses Update Info

Minecraft PS Vita Horses Update Info By – Nov 17, 2014 19 0 SHARE

Minecraft is the single most successful indie game of all time, selling tens of millions of copies and releasing on more platforms than you can probably count. One of those platforms fits the game very well, as the PS Vita version of the game allows you to play online and access more features than you currently can in the Android and iOS version of the game.

All these features also come with a different update style which is a little more difficult to decipher. This makes answering the question about when a specific feature will come a little difficult, with the most anticipated by far being the horses. However, the developers of Minecraft PS Vita have been making announcements about what will be in the next update, the biggest of which telling us it will be the equivalent of the 1.6.4 update, followed by an image showing the player riding a donkey.

These two things combined tell us that horses are definitely coming in the next update for Minecraft PS Vita, as 1.6.4 was the PC update when horses were first introduced to the game, meaning the console equivalent will have to include it too. On top of that, the recent screenshot showing the player riding a donkey also confirms horses. This is because donkeys have a chance of spawning in the place of horses, and are simply a horse variant.

The difference between horses and donkeys is fairly simple to explain, in case you’re not familiar with one or the other. Donkeys are slightly slower mounts that are tamed and bred in the same way, and can be ridden the same (albeit at less speed) but that can be equipped with a chest for on the go storage. Horses on the other hand are the fastest form of transportation in the game, also having the ability to jump higher, and be equipped with horse armour, a rare drop that can give them more effective health.

So, horses and donkeys are two great new mobs coming in the next update for Minecraft PS Vita, but when will that update release? Based on the developers of the console version, 4JStudios past record an update usually takes around 4 months to release for the consoles. Given that the PS Vita released around a month ago, February 2014 is a release date that can be expected if 4Jstudios follow their normal pattern. Of course the update could come out a little earlier or a little later; but it’s always a good estimate

So, you can look forward to riding around the PS Vita version of the game at faster speeds than ever in the next few months, alongside the other console editions. Just make sure you don’t forget your mine cart!


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