Minecraft PS Vita & Minecraft PS3 Cross Buy Deal

Minecraft is one of the most successful and well known video games currently available today, with well over 50 million sales across its various platforms, it combined simplicity and depth in a way that no other game quite has, and if you’ve heard of any video game, it’ll likely be Minecraft. With that said this makes each platform release a big deal on it’s own, as it adds a new way to play Minecraft.

Even more exciting than just a new platform is a new portable platform. With Minecraft coming to the PS Vita this week, there is big excitement regarding the ability to have a true portable version of Minecraft for on the go play, as currently the iOS and Android version of the game are more than a little lacking. What makes this better for console players is the amount of functionality the PS Vita can gain if you also happen to own a PS3 you own or want to own Minecraft for.

The biggest of which is cross buy. Cross buy is the Sony system which allows you to buy a game on one device, and own it on both. This means if you already own Minecraft PS3, you’ll get Minecraft PS Vita for absolutely free, as well as vice versa. This is of course massive news for anyone who wants both copies, as saving $15 is always a nice bonus, regardless of circumstance.

As well as just getting a good deal by choosing to own both, there is also some handy functionality between the two games, namely the ability to save transfer. This means if you gave a Minecraft PS3 save you’ve been working on since its release last December, you can just transfer it over to your PS Vita!

Since this can be done both ways and an unlimited number of times, for power Minecraft users it means you can take your worlds you’ve worked hard on at home with your PS3, and transfer them over to your PS Vita, and play more Minecraft on the bus or train on the way to work!

This also means that if you don’t have friends with Playstation Vita’s (and to be honest not many do) but you want to play multiplayer on your latest and greatest map build, simply transfer over to your PS3 and you can invite them there!

The final bit of hand functionality that Minecraft Playstation Vita brings to the Minecraft Playstation eco-system is the ability to play the PS4 edition of the game remotely while within range of the console. This means that if save transfers aren’t your thing and short survival worlds are you can simply play the PS Vita / PS3 edition on the go, and while at home enjoy all the benefits the PS4 version of the game brings over the PS Vita, like its bigger worlds and better render distances.

All of this extra platform capability the PS Vita version of the game brings to the table is very exciting, especially for console players like myself. If you’re excited about Minecraft PS Vita, it released on Tuesday 14th October for North America and Wednesday 15th October for Europe. An Asian release date is not currently confirmed.

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