Minecraft PS3 – An Expressive and Creative Outlet

Enabling Creativity

MInecraft is an intense and exciting game limited only by the imagination of the player. It offers an expressive and creative outlet and a fantastic gaming experience to players. There is an inherent danger in underground mining, as these are filled with monsters and this is coupled with a creative progress in the game. The worlds are randomly generated and consist of stone and sand and many other types of materials. You can use the blocks to convert the primordial world and change it to whatever you wish it to be, such as a home in the mountainside, a bridge in the sky or any other creation of your imagination.

Sandbox Game like No Other

Minecraft is a type of sandbox game that is incomparable to any other game created so far. The game has been offered in various platforms since it first started. Users can use their imagination and a pickaxe to produce sprawling cities and landmarks, countries and so on using the colorful blocks available in the game. The Minecraft PS3 edition was released in December 2013 and is attempting to catch up with its PC version, which was the original release. However, it is still not possible to do everything that is available on the PC version. For instance, you cannot produce stained glass and you cannot ride horses over grassy plains in the PS3 version, as against the PC version. It offers a very satisfying experience but the world is a little constrained. The game is very similar to the version offered for the Xbox 360, with similar controls. The controls are fluid and sharp and once you get used to the gameplay, you will forget the need of a mouse or a keyboard for controlling the game.

Survival Mode

There is a survival mode, where the blocks have to be manually collected and chipped in the open world. It forms the basic gameplay of Minecraft PS3 and can be quite a tedious task, as you have to gather and transport all the pieces. Yet, it gives the player a sense of ownership and he starts feeling proud of his small or big creations.

The player must also face the scary bad guys after sunset. You need to go underground to find new materials and face the challenge of defeating enemies in rocky corridors, where they try to ambush you.


One of the biggest limitations of Minecraft PS3 is that the world size is quite tiny when you compare it to the size in the PC version of the game. You will find the edge of the world very quickly, so your plans must also shrink in size.

More than Just Stacking

The game comes with a tutorial that is complete and comprehensive, explaining all the basics of the game, such as gathering of material, building and crafting, starting a garden, riding a boat and much more. It is not all about stacking blocks, as there are a lot of other activities going on in the game.

Recipes for Crafting

The interface for crafting has all the recipes related to the items. You will also be able to see the items that you are missing, as these are highlighted. There are many possible combinations possible and you can use the recipes to keep playing. Also, there is no need to go through any guides or to memorize recipes, due to this convenient interface for crafting in Minecraft PS3.


Minecraft PS3 is an exciting game where you build creative items. It can be a very amazing and rewarding experience when you turn a pure and clean landscape into a grand palace using some materials and your two hands.

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