Minecraft PS3 – Move Your Maps to PS4 Console

Mojang has officially confirmed that the company is going to push save transfers from Minecraft PS3 edition to the PS4 platform.

For gamers, it means that they will be able to move their maps and structures created on an older generation platform. This definitely sounds exciting because you no longer have to leave all your creations behind. In terms of sales, the Sony next gen console is going on a great run and has sold over seven million copies worldwide which is a huge achievement by itself but for an open world sand box game, it is all about creation. Many professional players have spent hours and even weeks to build the perfect map where they have been exploring for over a year now. After having invested so much into a particular creation, it is not nearly impossible to leave them all behind.

Mojang is Working on It

At the same time, merging two different consoles with the same files is equally complicated. The PS3 console got released over seven years ago and the new PS4 uses an entirely different architecture where Minecraft will run at a higher resolution with better powered hardware. The company didn’t divulge any details on how they are planning to overcome this hardware and software hassles but they have promised the gaming community that things will eventually happen. The release date for next gen console is yet to be known. So, you can safely assume that they have a couple of months left to finalize this feature.

1.06 Features under Wraps

The publishers Mojang is all set to release a boxed edition of the Minecraft PS3 on May 16th after which they will be pushing 4J Studios to purely focus on the next gen edition. The developers are simultaneously working on all console versions of the game including the PS Vita edition. It is not an easy task to handle them all and also release the 1.04 as well as 1.05 patch updates for the PS3 console. Even though, 4J will have their attention on the PS4 version, the team has promised to release 1.06 update for the older generation platform soon. The type of features that you can expect to be part of this update is kept under wraps and 4J will most probably show them off after it has been submitted for certificate testing process. In recent times, the time delay between Xbox 360 and PS3 releases has been considerably reduced.

The Microsoft console got the Amazing Spiderman skin pack. This is expected to be available for PS3 players soon or it could be part of a bundle along with other skin packs. If you are planning to buy the upcoming retail boxed edition of the game, know that the 1.05 update and the upcoming 1.06 patch will not be available on it by default. Players are expected to download them separately but the 1.04 update will already be added to the disc edition. Just a couple more days to go before you can get your snazzy box art and showcase the game in your collection!

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