Minecraft PS3 Save Transfers To PS4 Is Being Planned

According to the latest official statement made by the developers, players will be able to transfer their saved files from Minecraft PS3 edition to the PS4 platform once the game gets released on the next gen console.

While it is still unclear whether this is practically possible, the team has confirmed in their official blog that they are busy working on it at the moment. After having spent hours and days on creating so many structures, no one would enjoy leaving them all behind and going for a fresh canvas on the new platform. Besides, it won’t be fun when the world is empty and everyone is still starting to build his or her creations to populate the world. With a strong focus on these difficulties that the player community might face, Mojang is closely working with 4J Studios to bring this idea into reality.

Porting Maps

The company has been working on porting the game to all console and mobile versions. They have been doing a great job at it so far and will play an integral role in making sure all the constructions are safely transferred to the new platform without compatibility issues. The news was officially announced by Owen Hill, the Mojang representative in the blog. He not only revealed this exciting info that players have been expecting to know but also confirmed that the next gen version of the game will get released in the upcoming quarters. It could be either in the second quarter or in the third quarter of 2014. This is such a vague release date announcement.

Players who have always wanted to own a boxed edition of the Minecraft PS3 edition can now do so. The retail edition of the game is set to hit stores on May 16th after which the other versions of the game are expected to follow. 4J Studios has postponed the release date for other games so that they could solely focus on generating content for the PS3 version. It earlier got the 1.04 update along with a slew of bug fixes released with the 1.05 update. The developing team has confirmed that they are already working on 1.06 patch update.

1.06 Patch Expected Soon

The contents of this upcoming patch is yet to be known but in their latest Twitter feed, they added that it will come bundled with a new batch of texture packs and skin packs. The console has already got the popular city texture pack among many others. So, it is unclear on the type of packs that 4J has planned to release on the platform. The company Mojang is also planning to introduce cross buy for all these platforms including the Vita version that will help gamers save money spent on content and be able to access them on all of the consoles without having to pay again. Going by the latest updates from the company, it is assumed that they are busy trying to make the game enjoyable on the console platforms and make it close to the PC version in terms of features released.

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