Minecraft PS3 – What’s Happened In the Recent Past?

The addition of new content to Minecraft witnessed some unexpected hiccups.

The developers who had released two updates for the PS3 version had to work overtime to fix these bugs. While the new patch released by 4J studios saw all those bugs being fixed, the company is wary of gamers discovering more bugs. Hence, they are still working on more patches to ensure a smooth gaming experience on the PS3 console.

On the 25th of April 2014, 4J studios confirmed that there were still issues regarding the invisibility of characters in the game. They also revealed that they were working to fix issues with the sounds generated from noteblocks.

New Themes and PS4 Migration

4J Studios are releasing two packs for the PS3 console. These packs are called as Candy Texture and Natural Texture. These two add-ons were first released for the Xbox 360 version. The developer has now been able to release them on the PS3 module as well.

The developer also announced that gamers can now download Minecraft from the PlayStation Store. They also stated that a brand new version of Minecraft is being developed for the PS4 gaming console. In order to encourage continuity, gamers will be able to import all their saves from PS3 and continue playing it on the PS4 platform.

New DLC Packs Being Developed For PS3

A latest update posted on the Twitter page of 4J Studios stated that the company was working on developing new mashup packs for the PS3 version of Minecraft. The company stated that the creative division was working on a new version of the DLC packs and should be a part of the PS3 platform.

These expansion packs are targeted at changing the look and feel of Minecraft. There are new music tracks, textures, skins, user interfaces and a brand new theme for gamers to explore.

The last updates released for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 version were on September and December 2013. The new 1.06 update for the PS3 platform is expected to have additional support for the DLC packs being developed. There has been no date announced for the launch of the PS3 1.06 patch and the above mentioned mash up packs. May 2014 will see 4J studios launch a disc version of the PS3 port in the North American market. The normal ports for PlayStation are expected to be launched by the end of September 2014.

Sales for Minecraft Continue On Upward Path

International Business Times released a report stating that Minecraft is close to crossing the fifty million mark. This report combined the sales of Xbox 360, PS3 as well as the PC version.

Developed primarily as a game for the Xbox 360 platform, the launch of the PS3 version in December 2014 saw the popularity of the game increase significantly. 4J studios has been instrumental in developing the ports for the PlayStation platform. As stated earlier, the company is also working on versions for the PS4 platform.

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