Minecraft PS4 – 4J Studios Will Release the PS4 Edition Soon

In their latest media statement, 4J Studios the team responsible for porting the game on all console platforms confirmed that they are working hard to bring out the Minecraft PS4 edition as soon as possible.

The publishers of the game Mojang earlier said that the company doesn’t have an actual release date to announce because they don’t want to disappoint fans by changing it later. A couple of weeks back, the developers said that they are planning to release the 1.04 update among others before moving on to next gen console. As promised, they spent ample time with the PS3 version of the game and have now recently confirmed that their attention is now on the new generation platforms.

Save Transfers

Sony’s PS4 console has received rave reviews for its sheer processing power and the ability to render best graphics possible. The Minecraft game is miles away from this graphics concept but it is definitely going to benefit a lot from the 1080p rendering capabilities of the platform. The console has been strongly delivering best performances even with titles like Infamous Second Son and Battlefield 4. It wouldn’t be difficult for the console to deliver the open world sandbox game in all its glory and players are already looking forward to it. The game will feature all the old maps that you have already created because 4J Studios and Mojang confirmed that they are working closely with Sony to favor easy save transfers that will enable more players to adopt the new console.

Leaving all that you have created so far is not possible and no such issue exists when you purchase Minecraft PS4 edition because it will be able to transfer all your earlier creations. The maps, textures and buildings that you have spent hours to create on the PS3 console will now be available on the next gen version as well in higher resolution. They will definitely look better and more appealing which will add to the game play elements. The architecture could be different between these two consoles but it is believed that Mojang is finding ways to make this claim a possibility. The technical details that will allow them to facilitate easy save transfers had not be revealed yet because the developers are yet to come with a finalized version.

Release Date Speculations

The Minecraft PS4 will also be available in a retail edition but the release date continues to be a mystery till now. There are no official dates but Mojang has said that they are looking to bring it out in the second quarter or the third quarter of the year 2014. It is such a huge time period to cover but some online retailers have already started listing the title. Walmar has specified a December release date while another retailer claims that it is scheduled for release in the month of August. The sellers are always known for taking up pre-orders and creating hype for a game that is yet to be launched. So, until 4J or Mojang officially announces a date, it will stay as pure speculation.

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