Minecraft PS4 and PS Vita Will Exist, Microsoft Confirms

Microsoft has recently purchased the owners of Minecraft, the company Mojang and when the deal finally happened, gamers on the Sony console platforms were really scared that the Windows owner may choose to shut down the games so as to make it more exclusive to their own platforms.

Luckily, they never did such things. The Minecraft PS4 got released successfully on the platform as well the PS Vita version.

They were already developed by 4J Studios but it just didn’t get released as such because the buyer was keen on making sure the franchise didn’t lose its weight all of a sudden. In a detailed interview with the Xbox head Phil Spencer, a lot of new information was revealed and also some interesting stuff related to the future of the game series.

Will There Be Minecraft 2?

After successfully launching Minecraft PS4 on the next gen console, the obvious question that some people had was whether there would be a sequel for the title next year. And, if it ever gets released, will it make it way to all the platforms, without any exclusivity deals? Phil was more than happy to answer this question and he began by quoting the price for which they have purchased the company for. “We are yet to close the deal that is nearly two and a half billion dollars.

There will be time before we finally sign all the papers and own the company”, he said. When he quotes the price, it is clearly evident that he has a price paid for the developers of Minecraft and it wouldn’t be wise to make any drastic decisions or to remove any features from the game that the community would detest.

Respecting the Community

“The community is really large and very strong for the game”, Spencer admitted. “If we have to make decisions such as introducing a sequel or adding something new, we definitely need their approval. Without doing so, we may not go forward with the idea. That doesn’t mean we want everyone to vote for a sequel; but rather see if there is a demand. If they are expecting something else, it is our job to make sure their expectations are satisfied before moving forward”, he said. “We also need a wider audience, those on the Playstation and the Vita”. He indirectly did confirm that Minecraft PS4 and others will surely be there for a long time to come.


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