Minecraft PS4 Patch Update Release in US and Europe

Mojang Studios, the developers of Minecraft PS4, has officially announced that a new patch update for the game version is now rolled out in the U.S. and Europe.

The latest patch update was kept under testing process for nearly two weeks by Sony and it has finally made its way out. Originally, the patch was rolled out only in Europe and this worried some of the gamers in North America but within a couple of hours, it started making its way to consoles there as well.

List of Fixes

In the new Minecraft PS4 edition update, 4J Studios have made sure that a lot of problems and issues that gamers faced has been fixed. A lot of gamers kept complaining that entities didn’t get saved properly when done in unloaded chunks. The issue persisted with many objects including the Enders Chest, Spawners being automatically converted into Pig Spawners and so on. It has now been fixed. Now, once you download and install this release, you will be able to hide all mash-up packs in the saves list and you can also unhide them whenever required from the options menu. Similarly, glass blocks that didn’t render properly when kept against each other is now fixed. A fix for 3D sound rendering has also been released for specific ones including the Ghast sounds, Ender dragon and the thunder.

More Fixes

From the long list of fixing done, it is evident that 4J studios has spent considerable type in trying to make the game better. The Minecraft PS4 should play much better. The frame rate in jungle has received a significant improvement, missing chunks in Super flat world on the host player’s console and rate of spawning for the mob has been fixed as well. The Build and Mine feature wasn’t running as expected which has now been finally correct so that players can make use of this unique addition. Some players complained that the mobs were still aggressive even after they used the invisible potion and were supposed to stay hidden from them. It was a bug that has been taken care of. You will also see that the camera no longer resets automatically when you go through the nether portal or the end portal.

While majority of them released for the Minecraft PS4 edition is bug fixing, a new feature has also been introduced which is the copy save option. It lets you easily backup a copy of your saved game in another file so that you can retrieve it if the original gets corrupted.






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