Minecraft PS4 Release Date in Sept, Retailer Listing Spotted

Whenever you get any information from online retailers, especially when it deals with release dates, make sure to consider them as tentative.

The companies are responsible for selling games and they are always in a hurry to list them so as to make use of the initial sale frenzy and maybe a website like Game Seek has been doing the same. It is unclear at the moment whether this is official because Mojang hasn’t revealed an actual date so far but Minecraft PS4 besides the Vita and Xbox One versions had been scheduled for release on August 29th. The developing team 4J Studios or its publishers Mojang haven’t confirmed this information yet but the date falls in line with their recent announcement.

Mojang’s Date Coincide

In their official blog, Mojang’s Owen Hill clarified that the company is looking at a quarterly two or quarterly three release schedule for the games and August falls right under the wing. The representative also added that even though they will be glad to share a release date, they just don’t want to disappoint fans at the last minute by changing it. We would prefer being vague with our announcements rather than disappointing our fans, he added during his chat with the media people. The company is planning to release the Vita and PS4 versions on different dates as and when they get ready to be launched. The title is about to get a retailed boxed edition for all these versions including the PS3 version as well. This portrays the level of success Minecraft has witnessed on the console platforms.

Online Listing Spotted

Going by these lines, you just can’t completely ignore Game Seek and their release date. It could be a confirmed date of release for Minecraft PS4 because the PS Vita version has higher chances of getting released earlier because of its development cycle. Fans who have already purchased the next gen console will definitely relish this news because they are eagerly expecting a good title to land on the platform that offers hours of game play. The company Mojang in association with Sony has also confirmed that they will be finding a way to allow players to transfer their save files from PS3 to PS4 when the game launches on the new platform.

It is a welcome addition because after having spent hours in building the perfect structure and map, no one will enjoy leaving it behind. The technical details behind making this possible has not been revealed yet because Minecraft PS4 will be far superior in terms of resolution, features and even map sizes but the development team is working at the moment to find a favorable way to get this done. It looks like a great time to be a Sony platform owner because all three iterations of the game are going to be available soon in boxed editions. The box art is very snazzy and it will definitely be a collector’s delight to own them so that they can show off their favorite game to their peer group.

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