Minecraft PS4 Release Date Listings Spotted Online

The latest rage in the industry is all about the release date listing found for the Minecraft PS4 edition.

According to the online retailer Gameseek who have listed the game on their website, the release date is in the month of August. Game listings are usually quite popular because any online retailer who simply wants to make use of the hype and gain some visibility may list a random date. This has happened multiple times with titles like Fallout, Half Life and GTA 5 PC version. As soon as they announced some random date or a release window, the website will be covered in the news which gives them free publicity and will let a large group of gamers know about their existence.

Gameseek Lists the Game

Sometimes, it could be the other way round because some shops do have official information from inside sources and they list the products earlier so as to be ahead in the search engine results when the actual release takes place. As of now, no one knows whether Gameseek has a genuine listing or if they are simply making use of the hype train. Either way, their date specified on August 29th falls close with the one announced by Mojang. The company officially has clarified that they are looking forward to bring it out in quarterly second or the third quarter of 2014.

August Release Expected

Going by their announcement, the Minecraft PS4 edition could launch anywhere between the next six months or so and an August date sounds credible. Maybe, Gameseek got official information from one of their sources because the listing looks credible and the website does not have any fake speculations in the past. Mojang, the publishers of the game has planned to release retail editions for all versions of the game, including PS4, PS3 and handheld PS Vita console. Bringing out a boxed edition of the game is not an easy task because it is such a small game that it will hardly fill up anything on the Blu ray disc. The publisher can choose to include some special features and other content that will make it much more of a collector’s edition.

Till now, Mojang had not revealed any such information and if they do so, it will be delightful for the entire player community. The game when it launches at retail will come bundled with the 1.04 update but it will not have 1.05 or 1.06 patch updates that will get released later on. The former is a bug-fixing patch while 1.06 is yet to get released on the PS3 platform. It is expected to bring in another bunch of texture packs and skin packs that will add playability to the game. The development team 4J studios is busy working on finding a way to allow players to transfer their saves from the PS3 console to the Minecraft PS4 version which will make it easy to keep the maps, structures created in the older gen console. It could be a short wait before an actual release date is confirmed.

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