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Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Minecraft PS4 Title Update 18 Release Date Announcement is Close

Minecraft PS4 Title Update 18 Release Date Announcement is Close By – Dec 10, 2014 21 2 SHARE

4J Studios representatives are going to attend the grand PS experience event to be held in Las Vegas and they have confirmed in their tweet that players will be able to get their first look into Title Update 18.

Now, that confirms a lot of things and for next gen console owners, the wait for Title Update 18 on the Minecraft PS4 edition is almost over.

First Look PS Experience

Players are excited already because the developers at 4J have started showing multiple signs that confirm that their development process is over and the update is ready. They even posted four different interface screenshots that revealed more new features and content additions to the game in a recent social media post.

With everything going about so quickly and the team gearing up to showcase their creations in the grand event, it is evident that the major update will soon be rolled out to all major platforms including Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and maybe in a couple weeks, would land in PS Vita as well. Sony has to approve the same through the usual certificate verification process and based on speculations, we opine that the launch should most probably take place before the end of the month.

Exciting New Additions

While players of the Minecraft PS4 edition already know that the Title Update 18 will bring horses, donkeys and red stones, there are some new interesting additions as well. It includes the announcement of beacons and hoppers for all console platforms as well as the interesting fireworks.

With fireworks, you will now be able to light up the sky with different types of crackers and each one of them will differ based on the ingredients you use. Using a mob head will allow you to create the head of creeper in the sky but that’s just the beginning as there’s more to it than what meets the eye. An official list of updates can be confirmed only after 4J Studios submits the title update 18 files to Sony for the certificate verification process.

We really hope that there aren’t any issues with it because if there is none and it is compatible with the next gen console, the release date will not be delayed any further. Apart from the above said updates, Title Update 18 will also bring new mobs, Minecraft that carries TNT in them, pressure plates and many more interesting features for you to try out.


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