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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Minecraft PS4 – What Players Get in Title Update 18?

Minecraft PS4 – What Players Get in Title Update 18? By – Nov 13, 2014 2 0 SHARE

By now, if you are an ardent fan, you should be crazily excited about the upcoming Title Update 18 but 4J Studios added that it might take some time for the developers to come up with it.

The content enclosed within the bundle is too much and when it lands on Minecraft PS4, it is going to be really the best that you could have got in recent times.

The digging and mining game would become much better with all these features, especially because it will be on par with the PC version of the game. For a long time since its release, the consoles have lagged behind in terms of getting features quickly but it won’t be the case in the upcoming months, confirmed 4J Studios. So, what can players expect to get in the upcoming Title Update 18 and is it really worth the hype? Actually, it is. Continue reading and you would understand why everyone is so excited about this new entry.

Horses, Horse Armor and Hay Bales

Finally, the next gen version of the game is all set to receive the horse update. You will get two different colored horses, one brown and the other white. Each one performs the same function that is to help you get across the map with relative ease. You no longer have to walk or travel at a slow pace because these four legged creatures will take care of that part.

You can also breed and nurture them, keep them as cattle and tame them to be your pets. The horse armor as the name suggests, is straight forward and allows you to protect your horses. Hay bales are actually blocks which look decorative and colorful but their main purpose is to help feed your horses.

Redstone, Hoppers, Fireworks and Beacons

As the developers said, Minecraft PS4 is going to receive a lot of new content with title update 18. It is definitely one of the biggest updates in recent times because this list is growing as we try to cover up all the new entries. There are redstone blocks, fireworks that will allow players to light up the sky and beacons that act as a signal to notify other players. Hoppers make it easy to transfer items while you may also now encounter hostile mobs including witches, withers as well as bats to fend off. It’s going to be a worthy wait.


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