Minecraft Xbox 360 May Get TU16 Update with PS3 Patch

While 4J Studios is yet to officially confirm what kind of updates that Minecraft Xbox 360 players could expect with Title Update 16, it is nearly confirmed that it is actually coming.

The release date will most probably sync with the 1.06 patch update for PS3 console. The developers have confirmed that the patch will get new texture packs and skin packs on the Sony console. Similar updates could follow for the Xbox 360 version but there could be something else as well. There are plenty of updates already available on the PC. They will most probably make its way to the old generation console now.

TU16 Is Next

Meanwhile, some players are busy with their next gen Xbox One console and have been asking for a possible release date. From their frequent updates, it is evident that the studio is working hard to bring new updates to all the console versions and have been trying to keep everyone happy. There will definitely be a surprising addition that you can look forward to when the TU16 launches on the console. At the moment, they have specified any actual release date but it is expected that it will be in the month of May during which they are going to release boxed versions of the PS3 game edition.

For some time now, the studio has released multiple updates and their focus is more on the Sony platform. Earlier, they had a strong focus on the Minecraft Xbox 360 version and released the city texture pack for the same. In their recent update, the company revealed that they will be working on all the next gen versions including the 1.06 patch. They did not speak about the Title Update 14 that is surprising considering the fact that the developers had a strong relationship with Microsoft and always released updates in time.

New Texture Packs Expected

Even the texture packs and skin packs made its way to the Xbox 360 console first before it landed on the other platform. Going by the history of the company, you can be assured that they won’t ditch the console all of a sudden because the developers are trying to pitch them together at the same time. They released the TU15 just a couple of days ago which fixed over 15 bugs found on the TU14 update release. The game play is more intuitive and the overall experience has been tweaked because of the bug fixes.

The future of the Minecraft Xbox 360 version looks bright because even after the new generation of consoles became readily available in the market, the developing team 4J Studios did not forget the original platforms that made them so popular. At this point, it is surprising to know that Mojang was not so sure about releasing the game on the console because they assumed that it may not sell so well. The answer lies with the recent update that confirmed that over 12 million copies of Minecraft Xbox 360 sold so far and it has a successful run in the retail version as well, topping UK charts.

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