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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Minecraft Xbox 360 – Minecraft Just Got Bigger and Better

Minecraft Xbox 360 – Minecraft Just Got Bigger and Better By – Oct 28, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Creating Worlds

Minecraft for Xbox 360 brings in infinite number of possibilities becoming much bigger and better. With the edition for Xbox 360, this globally phenomenal game came to gaming consoles for the very first time. In Minecraft, gamers can produce exotic worlds of their choice, playing either by themselves or with other friends. Players can explore and build as well as conquer worlds. The monsters start coming out at night; so players must create a proper shelter to protect themselves.

What is Different?

The Xbox 360 version of the game is slightly different from the PC version. Just as in the PC version, players can produce a random generation of the world, but the way you progress in the game is entirely dependent on you. You can set up goals and work towards them, build shelters, fashion tools, fight for your survival while protecting yourself from the monsters that emerge in the night time. However, you can never settle down anywhere on a permanent basis and must be a nomad sailing on rivers and on the seas. You can also go deep into the tunnels and harvest the treasures that you find there.

Tips and Tutorials

The creative mode is in a free form in the PC version, whereas the Xbox 360 version lacks this form. However, the Survival Mode is very user friendly. It comes with a tutorial level, where players can get to know all the basics of the game, with tooltips popping up regularly. New players can get a good primer, so that they are able to use the materials properly. Players can also view the items in the inventory and see the description, so that they don’t have to view a wiki page for enjoying the game.

Ease of Creation

Apart from such tips, the crafting system is also very well recreated in Minecraft for Xbox 360. Materials to be used for recipes are similar to the ones in the PC version of the game. Players need to only use a few buttons for building them. Everything is separated well in the crafting menu and placed in different categories. Players can move from one tab to another and choose items that they wish to create within a short time. If the materials that are needed for creation are not available, this will be clearly shown, so players need not leave the game for getting additional information. Players need not waste time opening browsers and reading forums.

Sense of Achievement

Though all the features of the gameplay are explained very well in Minecraft for Xbox 360, players still have to earn things the hard way. For instance, they need to harvest all the raw materials needed for creating blocks for the house, windows and doors and so on. Players experience a sense of achievement when they complete a rail system or finish12-story towers and this sense of accomplishment is quite rare and not seen many games. Players will have to battle with monsters and trudge through the caves, but everything seems worthwhile when you find diamonds that can be mined or find some other treasure. Venturing into unknown and strange areas can be rewarding when your dreams come true.

Many people think that it is not much of a game, as there is no way to beat it or win. Yet, the game is not about winning but rather some achievements with the game sinking claws into the player and never letting him go. It is a very rewarding game and sets the imagination absolutely free. Its secret lies in the manner in which all parts of the game coalesce together to produce a liberating and creative experience that is surely more fulfilling than many other video games.


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