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Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Minecraft Xbox 360 New Update Released (TU19)

Minecraft Xbox 360 New Update Released (TU19) By – Oct 15, 2014 483 6 SHARE

With the release of Minecraft for current generation consoles, there has been a flurry of updates across all four (and with the release of the PS Vita version, 5) of the consoles that Minecraft is currently released on, fixing bugs and adding functionality to the games which bridges the gap across generations. However, this doesn’t account for a sudden update for Minecraft Xbox 360 which just came out today.

Checking to find out more about the update will result in little to no information, besides a response to someone on Twitter in which they mention there is going to be an update for Minecraft Xbox 360. Besides this, everything we know about the update we’ve had to work out independently, which isn’t usually something that can be said about an update. We do know the working title for the update is Title Update 19 though, as it is the 19th update released for Minecraft Console.

So, based on forums and the collective experience that users have posted online, we can vaguely work out a couple of things that the update has done:

Fixing a bug relating to glass, which made it less transparent than it should have been in certain circumstances

An issue relating to saving has been fixed. Previously if auto-save was turned on for a world then saving it in between automatic saves would not be given as an option, or even work.

However besides these two small fixes to bugs, we haven’t been able to discover anything new in the update. There is no new mobs, new world selection options or even small subtle changes to the way things work, besides a few users reporting that shovels with enchantments now dig blocks much faster.

So what was the update for then? Although there is a chance the update was just intended as a way to fix a couple of minor bugs which have been found in the game, what is more likely is that there was some secret behind the scenes changes we haven’t been made aware of. These could be small things like changing the file formats for certain parts of the game, in preparation for another update, or something which is time activated for a later date.

The thing that jumps to mind when thinking of an upcoming event would be Halloween, at which point the Halloween texture pack from last year may be made available again, and it might even be expanded this year with additional content, making it a mash up pack. a mash up pack is a texture pack combined with a themed world, themed music and more.

Other than that, the things that this update contains could vary greatly, all I can say is that it would be a very surprising piece of information to learn that they went through the effort of pushing out an update and going through certification for just two bug fixes, and I think we can expect something big in the next few weeks.



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  • TotallyBlank

    TU19 has released horses armor for horses, leads, ability to train horses, and a few other horse related items. I believe this is called the “Horse Update”. Along with horses, Withers, Withered Skeletons, and the Wither Effect has been added. Red stone updates include red stone block, trapped chest, activation rail, the hopper, and the dropper. Other red stone additions have been added but I have yet to explore them. Structures that have been added include Witch Hut and, if I’m not mistaken, a Rare Desert Wall. Building materials like different colored stained clay have been added, beacons have also been included in the new update. Coal blocks are now available as well.

    • BargainBob

      Yeah, but you know what? Taylor Swift sucks!

      • TotallyBlank

        I am simply informing those who wish to know of the newest Minecraft update. This has NOTHING to do with Taylor. Nor does it have anything to do with my love for her

        • BargainBob

          I was simply informing the minecraft fans that Taylor Swift has no soul and no talent. You should be publicly ridiculed because of your love for her.

          • TotallyBlank

            Doesn’t it really fucking matter rather or not I’m in love with her (and by ‘in love’, I mean a causal respect and admiration btw) or not! I am a Swifty and I am through with your vile nature of you insulting me. This is the last time I reply to you. You have your fucking opinion and I have mine. Now, please, leave the Minecraft world to the new update. It would be much appreciated, thanks.

          • BargainBob

            Bwahahaha. That’s okay if you don’t want to respond to me anymore. Quite frankly I was bored with you anyway. You’re a broken record and you’re too dimwitted to develop. You’re just a lot of unnecessary typing. Good day, TotallyIgnorant. Enjoy your tasteless, crappy music.

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