Minecraft Xbox 360 – Save Transfer To Xbox One Will Be Supported

Phil Spencer, the Xbox head at Microsoft confirmed that players will have the most anticipated feature of all, on release date.

If you have created a huge world with plenty of maps and structures, you don’t have to leave them behind. The backward compatibility was an issue of discussion to which Spencer has put an end to. In his official Twitter blog, he confirmed that players will be able to transfer their saves on to the new Xbox One console. This will make the transition much easier because after having spent hours and days trying to build the perfect structure, you just can’t leave it to move on to a new platform. Besides, with better performance, power and processing ability, the game might look even better and impressive for an engaging experience.

Tweets On Transferring Saves

The official statement was made a couple of days ago but there is no exact release date for the next gen console. Meanwhile, 4J Studios, the company responsible for porting the games to all console platforms is working on getting Title Update 16 ready for the console. There is no announcement related to the same and players are left to keep guessing them all until 4J decides to reveal something in their official account. They are well known for their constant Twitter updates and we will be sure to bring you confirmed news as soon as the companies speak out. Mojang is an active participant in the console gaming sector and they are working closely with Microsoft on various regards.

More News Expected

The strong bond that exists between Microsoft and Mojang development teams was revealed by Phil Spencer in his tweet. He clarified that they are working together to make sure all saves from Minecraft Xbox 360 can be transferred to the new platform. The technology that will allow them to make this a possibility has not been revealed yet but Spencer confirmed that he will be sharing more news as soon as it is available. The save transfers will play an integral role in helping the player community migrate from an older, less powerful console to the new one.

Being in a new territory is something that most detest because having to build new maps and make the community more active could take months before it reaches the level that the Xbox 360 version is already at. Instead, by allowing players to simply transfer them all, the developers can bring the entire crowd to the platform. The Xbox One console is not doing a great run because of its resolution issues and others which is being sorted out at the moment. If all major games follow this trend of allowing players to enjoy backward compatibility and let them carry forward their save points to the console, the transition will be easier and it could lead to better sales as well. Sony is gearing up to do the same and they are planning to go ahead by pushing the PS3 capabilities to PS Vita handheld console. It is a tough call for Microsoft but they seem to be on the right track already.

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