Minecraft Xbox 360 Supports Save Transfers, Spiderman Skin Revealed

The teams at Mojang and 4J Studios definitely have a busy schedule ahead of them because they are expected to satisfy players on multiple platforms.

Going by the recent announcements and the active participation of the company, you can comfortably say that they are doing a great job so far and the good run is expected to continue for months to come. Even though, the next generation console has launched and is going good, the company didn’t lose their attention on the previous generation console. Minecraft Xbox 360 has been getting lot more updates than ever including the Title Update 14 and 15, new texture packs, skin packs among everything else.

Move Your Maps

Recently, the company announced that they are glad to have crossed over 12 million copies of the game sold on the platform. Now comes the big question on how they convince players to move from an old gen platform to the new because players have already invested days and weeks to construct the perfect map. Leaving them all behind is an impossible task because no one will be happy to start all over again just because they are on a more powerful platform. A Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer announced in his Twitter feed that players would soon have the ability to transfer saved files from their Xbox 360 console to the new Xbox One version when it officially gets launched.

The technology that will be used to allow this cross platform transfer is yet to be revealed because Microsoft and Mojang is still working on it. Besides, the release date for the Xbox One version could be far away as the company announced they are looking at quarterly two or a third quarter release date which is roughly six months to go. An online retailer listing revealed a possible August end release date for the game and if it is so, then the save transfer feature will not be detailed until they are close to launch.

Spiderman Skin Pack Released

Either way, this will help players easily move from the old box to the new one as they will be able to take all these maps and creations with them. Meanwhile, to promote the upcoming The Amazing Spiderman movie, a new Spiderman skin has been released on the XBLA store. The skin pack costs $2.99 and brings in over a dozen skins including the ones from all the foes Spidey faced so far. The pack also provides multiple costumes for Spiderman which can be worn and used along with the city texture pack to construct New York style huge buildings.

The future looks bright for the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition because the developers of the game 4J Studios confirmed that they are planning to release the Title Update 16 next. They have not revealed the features that can be expected with this new update but it will definitely have something to look forward to unlike the Title Update 15 which was purely a bug fixing patch released to compensate issues found in TU14.

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