Minecraft Xbox 360 TU16 Will Fix Current Bugs, Release Date Not Confirmed

The team at 4J studios is definitely busy because they have multiple versions of the game under development and fans have been thronging them with questions.

Even though, the main focus is supposed to be on the next gen version consoles, they are also liable to keep older gen console owners happy. The fan base is too huge to ignore because 12 million players is a mammoth number. It was confirmed recently that Minecraft Xbox 360 version has sold over the above said number and it looks like it will keep growing because the adaptability of the Xbox One console is moving at a slow pace due to the lack of compulsive titles.

TU16 Is Coming Soon

In this scenario, they are now working on the Title Update 16, which didn’t, had any kind of announcement so far but now the team has opened up on Twitter. They answered a fan that was curious and wanted to know more about this upcoming release. The studio confirmed that they couldn’t divulge a release date at the moment because it is still under development and is not scheduled for release yet. Besides, even if they manage to get it ready, there are no immediate releases as Mojang does in the PC platform. The team should submit it to Microsoft for certificate testing process and this should be done only after the company approves their update; it will be rolled out to the Xbox 360 console.

More Bug Fixes

It’s good that a fan brought up the topic because 4J in their busy schedule could have forgotten altogether about Title Update 16 because even in their last tweet, they said that they are working on next gen as well as 1.06 patch. It refers only to the PS3 version and now it has been confirmed that an update for Minecraft Xbox 360 is under development as well. Many players expected that it would have some new features, which are already available on the PC version, but in their tweet, the team said that the upcoming TU16 would be made to address the bugs found in the game. They didn’t add anything about new skin packs or features but it could also be a quick tweet without much information.

The content found in the title update can only be confirmed with the official release notes that they will show after submitting it for certificate testing process. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 console has received the Amazing Spiderman skin pack to promote the movie and if you can ably connect it with the city texture pack to construct large buildings, it will definitely be an amazing addition to meddle with. The company has confirmed that they will be working with Microsoft to find ways to transfer the save files from Xbox 360 console to the upcoming edition on Xbox One platform to let players enjoy the maps they created in their older console without having to leave them all behind. It’s definitely an important feature that players are looking forward to.

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