Minecraft Xbox 360; Unlimited Creativity To Explore

Minecraft Xbox 360; Unlimited Creativity To Explore

Since Minecraft released a version compatible with Xbox 360 back in 2012, it has become gamers’ favorite as the most creative game. Players have access to unlimited resources and can use them to build whatever they want from walls to gates, obstacles, electrical appliances, weapons, barriers and canopies. The game’s environment is endless and very dynamic.

While it has no specific goal or objective a player is supposed to accomplish, there are various interesting activities to engage in as well as credit. Those who love building games will enjoy Minecraft Xbox 360; unlimited creativity to create, dangers and threats to elude and various beasts to slay.

What the game contains

Minecraft Xbox 360 is basically the game optimized for play in Xbox. The game offers players building blocks in the form of cubes that are used to construct different blocks. There are other activities that include combat, gathering resources, survival and maintaining health. Minecraft also offers several cheats and seeds that players can use to get materials and resources out of nowhere.

his game revolves around collection of resources and survival in a rapidly changing environment through construction and creating a livable environment. The environment transits to snowfields, caves, mountains, deserts, forests, plains and water bodies among others. To allow procedural generation of a 3D world, the game used chunks that prompt the game environment to be loaded on exploration.

As the player gets near, his/her world is generated. Besides the main world, gamers have the option to choose from two other dimensions namely Nether and The End. Nether has numerous resources that can be used to explore the overworld while The End is a bare land inhabited by a ferocious dragon. Killing this boss dragon indicates winning the game’s credits.

Playing the game

Playing Minecraft in your Xbox 360 is quite interesting, easy and challenging alike. As aforementioned, the main task is to break and build blocks using cubes. These cubes can be used to build different items including tree trunks, water, stones and ores among other things. The player can explore their world as they wish, although structures and objects can only be built on specific locations.

minecraft xbox 360 edition map 600x337 Minecraft Xbox 360; Unlimited Creativity To Explore

As the game starts, players are placed on a plain surface to start exploration, this environment is also procedurally generated and players can begin traversing changing landscapes that include mountains, valleys, forests and snowfields. The exploration depicts a night and day cycle which takes 20 real time minutes for a whole day. There are different modes in the game and players can encounter non-player characters, including villagers, scary animals and other hostile creatures.

These are grouped as mobs and players are supposed to elude them by creating barriers and combat equipment. Non- hostile animals including pigs, chicken and cows are spawned during the day and players must hunt them for food. On the other side, hostile creatures like zombies, skeletons and large spiders populate caves during the dark. There are other creatures that creep on players and explode while others have the ability to teleport.


The Minecraft Xbox 360 game is very engaging and players will open up their imagination to expressive creativity. It has a changing game environment, offers various challenges and hostile interaction as well as resources that can be used to survive. It is simply the ultimate creativity game and has received many awards ever since its release.

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