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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Minecraft Xbox 360 – What to Expect in Title Update 20?

Minecraft Xbox 360 – What to Expect in Title Update 20? By – Oct 21, 2014 271 3 SHARE

About two weeks ago, 4J Studios the developers of the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition and other console versions confirmed that they are already working on bringing the title update 20 to all platforms simultaneously.

They also clarified that it is going to take some time because a lot of different stuff is going to be part of this update which is why it has to be done meticulously by investing more time in it. In the official Minecraft forum, ardent players have revealed the content of this upcoming TU20. It has finally clarified people of the confusion because many earlier assumed that this is more of a bug fix and has nothing to do with bringing in new features.

1.6.4 Equivalent

The forum mods have confirmed that the title update 20 for the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition will be an equivalent of 1.6.4. It will also be the launch of multiple updates together including pretty scary update, the redstone as well as horse update. All of them are changes that players are eagerly looking forward to trying out on the older generation console. Many of them are already available for the PC version which is directly monitored by Mojang whereas the other versions are often slow to catch up with.

Halloween Special

The Pretty Scary update is going to be a Halloween special and will most probably get launched along with the TU20 before the end of October. The name itself says it all because it is going to launch some pretty items including the bacons which casts a beam of light to pimp player’s own castle, the carrots on the stick which makes it easy to navigate the pig in your desired direction as well as the frames including the flower pots. There will be some new edible items as well including the carrots, new pumpkin pies and potatoes. Anvil is another pretty update.

Under the scary category for the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition you will find a new boss from the wither world with deadly powers as well as the skeletons from the wither world. There is a new zombie infection which could spread as well as bats, witches as well improved AI. Instead of being dumb creatures, they will surround you in battles and can even carry equipment, which includes your own sword.

The Redstone update brings an all new decorative block to the game whereas the horse update is more interesting as it brings the animal, letting you ride it to different locations. It also brings carpets, and coal blocks.


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  • Edward Ramirez

    when is it going to be release?

  • Archie Little

    Pretty scary update looking good ATM

  • knuckles2007

    everything above was in tu19 NOT tu20. tu20 is likely to be a bug update again.

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