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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Minecraft Xbox One Edition Receives Content Update, Multiple Fixes Rolled Out

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Receives Content Update, Multiple Fixes Rolled Out By – Oct 19, 2014 9 0 SHARE

While 4J studios were quite busy in trying to bring out the PS Vita edition of the game, they didn’t skip releasing the patch updates for the Minecraft Xbox One edition.

Recently, they rolled out a new update that fixed a lot of issues that prevailed in the game. It was a long wait before it finally came out but we really can’t complain because a whole lot of stuff was going around in the past couple of days. Mojang, the parent company of the game was in talks for an acquisition and it is Microsoft that has finally paid for the bid and purchased it. The founder of the game Mark Persson is no longer in his position and we are not sure how it might affect the future of the title. For now, there are no significant issues and the releases are all going smoothly.

Why You Should Get the Update?

If you haven’t played the game recently or didn’t approve the update for the Minecraft Xbox One edition yet, you should definitely do it right away. There are some interesting fixes which would definitely enhance the game play experience. First of all, all the entities that didn’t get saved properly because of unloaded chunks will now be proper. These issues were prominently faced with empty chests and spawners which would turn into pig spawners among others.

You will also have the freedom to hide mash-up packs if you don’t like them to show up in the save list. If you like to see it again, you can always do so by going to the options menu and unhide them again. Enchanted items are supposed to destroy blocks much easier as this is the sole purpose of using magical powers but those that didn’t work, as it should, would now do so with the update. It has fixed the bug and will allow items to break blocks much easier and quicker.

Confirmed Fixes

The official list of fixes rolled out for the Minecraft Xbox One edition is quite long but we will see some of the important ones so that you can get an idea. They Can Build and Mine option has been fixed, spider jockey kills that didn’t record properly will work now, missing chunks on the host machine in the super flat world is fixed, entities automatically getting duplicated with save load, world transfers is also fixed now. Some players couldn’t find the magic invisible potion useful because the mobs were still aggressive even after using it. It is fixed and you also have the copy save option to backup save files.



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