Minecraft Xbox One Release Date Unclear, PS4 Date Confirmed

While Mojang has officially announced that they will try to release the PS4 version of the game any time in quarterly 3 or Q4 in 2014, they did not speak anything about Minecraft Xbox One so far.

Everyone knows that 4J Studios is the only company that has been working on all the console ports and they have confirmed in their Twitter feed that they are simultaneously working on the next gen console versions of the game. Even though they have confirmed that most probably the games will launch with minimal delay between the dates, it has been made official in the European Playstation blog that players could expect it in the next three to six months.

Expecting Xbox One Announcement

Based on this news officially revealed by Mojang’s representative Hill, you can assume that the Xbox One version cannot be far behind. Based on the developer’s story, it is under development and an announcement will be made once it is ready. Explaining on the blog, Hill added that they have given such a vague release date because they did not want to say a time and later disappoint their fans. They would rather prefer to be extremely vague than disappointing the player community.

The powerful processor and graphics hardware used will help Minecraft Xbox One version look lot better which is why fans have been eagerly expecting a release. It will come bundled with all the candy texture pack, city texture pack and others that have got released on the Xbox 360 platform so far. Even though, Mojang the company behind the title didn’t directly discuss about a possible release date for the game, 4J has already confirmed it.

Release Window Unconfirmed

They will definitely make sure that both versions of the games are released within a short gap. Earlier, there was a huge time delay because the Xbox 360 version got released almost a year ago before it made its way to the PS3 console. The same will not happen again because those were the times when Mojang was unsure whether the game will sell on the console platform. Now, it has been confirmed with the exorbitant sales of over 12 million copies on Xbox 360 console and it is expected that the success might happen again on the new generation console as well.

The latest information from Hill was revealed in the Playstation blog and if they are planning to promote news on the blogs, there might be an announcement on Minecraft Xbox One version in an official Microsoft blog. It is just a speculation at the moment but the player community is anxious for an announcement and any good company should update them in time so that they can continue to rely on them. The Tweets by 4J Studios are always informative and the Mojang blog news has been released just a couple of days ago. There could be a good chance that 4J will choose to reveal more on the Xbox One version in the tweets by next week or so.

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