Minecraft Xbox One Set To Get Skyrim Pack and TU17

Before you start wondering whether the upcoming huge update for Minecraft Xbox One should be called the Title Update 17 or the Title Update 20, don’t worry, because you are definitely not alone.

Even we are completely out of sync over this one because 4J Studios has been meticulously working ever since the game got released on the next gen consoles and they have released multiple updates and patches for all consoles.

The confusion does exist in unison among all Minecraft players because they have released three different patch updates for the next gen consoles as well as one purely dedicated for the PS Vita version. So, technically you could either choose to address the new one as the TU17 or the TU20. You could also wait for 4J Studios to make an official announcement and give a name for this one! Either way, the upcoming update sounds interesting because besides bringing new content, patch updates, features and more, it is also going to be launched along with the Skyrim pack.

Teaser Image

4J Studios now has a tradition of teasing the audience with new images and content updates before it officially gets launched. They wouldn’t even show a proper screenshot but rather would capture the game’s new packs running on their company’s computers and show them off in the Twitter feed. The tradition continues as they have released a teaser image for the Skyrim pack.

From the teaser image, we also managed to confirm that there will be two different new additional blocks as well as a mashup pack rolled out with it. If you haven’t already played or heard about the game Skyrim, it is the latest entrant in the Elder Scrolls series and is one of the most open ended games available. In the original title, you play as a medieval warrior who survives in a virtual world filled with quests and monsters. A similar themed pack on the next gen Xbox One console is definitely going to be interesting.

TU17 May Take Time

In their tweet, representatives from 4J Studios also confirmed that the Title Update 17 for Minecraft Xbox One will not make its way anytime soon. The same goes for the other platforms as well because they added that the upcoming one is a huge update. It is going to fix a lot of issues, provide patches, updates and much more. Because of the size of it, they need time to make sure it works properly and there’s also the usual certification process in the middle. It is also going to bundle three different packs with it including scary, redstone and horse update.


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