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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Minecraft Xbox One Update Now Lets You Resize Worlds

Minecraft Xbox One Update Now Lets You Resize Worlds By – Dec 20, 2014 8 0 SHARE

Before you start questioning about the next title update scheduled for the Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 consoles, you should know that the release is really close yet there is no confirmed release date.

The people at 4J Studios even showcased some stuff from the TU19 during the Playstation experience event including horses, mules crafting user interface and much more.

It is obvious that the update is ready to be rolled out but they have been focusing on other things latterly which kind of says that it may have been pushed to the first month next year. Anyways, players who own the Minecraft Xbox One should download an update which is already available because it is mandatory for two different reasons. One is that, the update lets you use the festive mashup pack which is a holiday special release and the other is that it lets you resize old maps from the Xbox 360 consoles to bigger sizes so as to suit the more powerful newer hardware available for you.

Festive Mashup Pack

For players who have already read about this new festive mashup pack, you need no introduction but for those who have not heard about it, here it goes. The festive pack includes new textures, 36 new skins and all new music composed exclusively for this special launch. With this launch, you will be able to recreate an entire winter wonderland on your Minecraft Xbox One edition so as to replicate the holiday mood.

The addition allows you to add snow, borrow some colorful costumes from the Elves from the North Pole and maybe even bring in a Santa Claus to lighten up the mood within your map. The screenshot posted on the official Microsoft Xbox One blog definitely looks interesting to start with.

Expanding Your Worlds

A lot of players who love the game on Xbox 360 console have already moved onto Minecraft Xbox 1 edition. The save transfer update has already been rolled out so you can easily move them from your old console but with this new update, you will be able to change the size of your old maps so that they are more appropriate on the new console.

If you are not sure how to transfer worlds, check out text tutorials and video blogs which are found aplenty. Players might have created a lot of maps in the past which can now be expanded to fit the world size offered by the new hardware, making it more fun and nostalgic.


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