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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Minecraft Xbox – Wither & Fireworks in TU19

Minecraft Xbox – Wither & Fireworks in TU19 By – Nov 6, 2014 3 1 SHARE

If you’ve been playing Minecraft Xbox a lot over the past few years, you might have noticed that lack of updates over the past year, as developers 4JStudios went from releasing 2-3 updates every year since it released to just a single major update this year, released in March. Fortunately though, we have started to see what’s going on behind the scenes, with 4JStudios making occasional tweets showing us what’s coming in the next update, currently being referred to as TU19, or TU20 because of a strange update naming system.

Anyway, onto the important stuff! So we’ve seen two tweets in the past week for Halloween and bonfire night (November 5th) which both contain very exciting images showing us new features coming in the next update for Minecraft xbox (and all other Minecraft console versions)


The first tweet was sent on Halloween and showed Minecraft on the PS Vita, and the screenshot actually contained the biggest reveal we’ve seen so far; the wither boss. The wither is the hardest mob to kill in the game right now on the PC, requiring either maximum enchanted diamond armour and weapons or a team of players to effectively kill. As well as this, a couple of other new mobs were confirmed; the witch and the bat. Witches are an exciting new mob which use potions to attack and defend, and are also an exciting new way to find witches. Finally, bats are a passive mob found in caves and add atmosphere to the game.

So, for Halloween we got 3 new exciting mobs announced, what about bonfire night?


This bonfire night screenshot of the PS3 version of the game confirms one of the wackier features coming in the next update, fireworks! Fireworks add a more fun aspect to the game, as they are just fun ways to combine dye, diamonds and glowstone dust to make fun coloured and different shapes explosions, like the cyan creeper shown here.

So, TU19 is shaping up to be a big and varied update. We don’t have any confirmed word on a release date for this TU19 update yet, but it’s definitely something to be excited about!



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