Mortal Kombat X Comic Comes From DC Comics in 2015

While the game Mortal Kombat X is scheduled for a 2015 release, we may have something else as well added to it.

The game from Nether Realms looked very good and glimpses of the combat system in the title were earlier revealed during multiple gaming events. Each one of them sounds promising; but apart from being able to play the game next year, you are also going to be able to know more about the storyline. The courtesy comes from DC comics. The popular publisher of comics is going to introduce a Mortal Kombat X comics book, which is scheduled to get launched in January 2015.

Revealing the Plot

The storyline of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X game is unpredictable so far because in the past they have killed some characters but later revived them. You don’t have to feel totally lost because the comics will fill up all the missing plotlines and let you know the backstory for each character. Even though, the game is all about mashing buttons and fighting, it is always good to know about the characters as well as the story. The more you know about it, the more engaging it will be. We assume that when the books get launched, they will probably have a printed as well as digital version. It should allow gamers around the globe to download and read them, making it easy for the fan base to learn more about the storyline than just those who reside in a specific country.

A New Series

DC Comics has bagged the rights for all the characters from Nether Realms and are ready to start an all new series. The Mortal Kombat X based comic series will serve as a prequel to the game, according to the official statement. It will feature almost every crowd favorite character and the fun doesn’t end there because the comic creators have planned to introduce a whole range of new combatants as well. They are expected to lead the fight in the future and all of them are being created with strong inputs from the developer team.

The storyline for the Mortal Kombat X comics has been written by Shawn Kittelsen and the illustrations are being handled by Dexter Soy. The cover art work for each of the series is being taken care of by Ivan Reis. We are really excited as you are to get hold of these books once they launched, because there’s a lot to know about Sub Zero and Scorpion right?













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