Moto G vs. Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD – Which Handset Offers Better Camera Performance?

The Micromax Canvas HD A116 smartphone comes with a decent 8MP snapper.

In fact, the camera offers better results than most smartphones under the segment. However, you should not raise your expectations for stupendous results offered by the Micromax Canvas HD A116 handset.

The Micromax Canvas HD A116 is certainly the hottest release from the Indian smartphone manufacturer. However, evaluating the camera specifications and features to that of the Moto G handset would make an interesting comparison review.

Camera Comparison

Micromax Canvas A116 Canvas HD

The 8MP snapper of the Micromax handset offers decent details, especially in good lighting conditions, with its fixed f/2.4 aperture value.

Speed and Focusing: In terms of shutter lag, the camera offers great responsiveness. However, the same cannot be said for the focusing department. However, harsh lights are handled well. The camera offers lively, but not natural colors and offers the images a pleasing appearance.

Color Reproduction: The camera offers punchy colors and exaggerated contrast. The images come with a warm color tone with a hint of added vibrancy.

Noise Reduction: The handset makes use of aggressive techniques to reduce noise in the images. As a result, the images appear without noise, but with apparent compromise made on details.

Low Lighting and Indoor Shooting: The snapper encounters problem while shooting indoors and under low-light conditions. As a result, the images appear blurry. The shutter speed drops to 1/10 of a second to maintain exposure and reduce noise.

LED Flash: The Dual LED flash of the Micromax handset performs decently well in low-lighting conditions.

Video Recording: The 1080p video recording feature offers great results under sufficient lighting.

Moto G

The handset does not come equipped with the prettiest or the ugliest camera features. However, the updated camera largely improves the quality.

The Moto G comprises of an 8MP primary snapper equipped with f2.0 aperture lens. The smartphone also incorporates a 2MP user facing secondary camera for video conferencing and great selfies experience.

Camera Interface: The camera is identical to its predecessor, but the camera interface comes with enhancements. In terms of features, the camera lacks manual controls and has few features.

Shooting Modes: The 8MP camera offers popular HDR and panorama shooting modes for a great snapping experience.

Color Reproduction: The camera offers decent images under adequate lighting conditions. Details are good, without over-sharpened natural color reproduction and proper exposure.

Under low-lighting conditions, the images get blurry with more noise.

LED flash: The single LED flash offer sufficient lighting for low light shots.

Video Recording: The handset offers 720p of video recording ability, offering light and under-exposed details.


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