Moto X vs Nexus 5 – Price, Features and Specs Comparison

It is not often that phones from the same company compete against each other in the high-end smartphone segment, but that is what is happening with the Moto X and Nexus 5.

After Motorola was brought by Google under its wings, the company has been looking to get back into the scheme of things in the smartphone segment. The Moto X is one of the finest devices launched by Motorola in recent times. The phone came out in the summer of 2013 and it was not long before that it started competing with the Nexus 5.


Motorola phones have been known for great design and this trend started with the Moto Razr back in 2004. It still remains as one of the iconic smartphones of all times. In keeping with this trend, the company has introduced several new aspects of styling that would make the Moto X endearing to the public. This is a phone that caters to the needs of every segment. The Nexus 5 is also a similar designed product since it offers no frills, but excellent quality throughout the device.

Almost Similar Display but Different Technologies

The smartphone segment has reached the time when phones are expected to have almost 5 inch displays in order to provide the best possible bang for the buck. The Moto X falls slightly short in this regard since it uses a 4.7 inch display. The Nexus 5 also does not have a 5 inch unit, but the 4.95 inch display can almost be classified as one. When holding in hand, there is little to separate the two phones in terms of size of the display.

However, they use vastly different technologies. First of all, the Moto X uses the 720p resolution in its screen, which looks dated alongside the 1080p screen of the Nexus 5. It also comes with the Super AMOLED technology compared to the IPS panel of the Nexus 5, but few will have complaints regarding this aspect.

Powerful Camera in Both Phones

In order to provide the phone with excellent multimedia capabilities, today’s smartphones are coming with very powerful cameras. This is the case with the Moto X and Nexus 5 as well. They offer a 10-megapixel and eight-megapixel unit respectively.

The Google phone, though, moves ahead in terms of the features offered with its camera. Due to the presence of features like optical stabilization and dual recording, the Google phone is capable of taking much better advantage of the powerful megapixel camera. The Moto X, in comparison, offers a very small sensor size that makes it excels when it comes to low light pictures. Both phones are capable of full HD video recording, but the Moto X is the one that offers HDR mode in the camera.

As far as pricing goes, both phones are relatively the same in this category. The 16 GB version of both devices will be coming around $ 360 for the unlocked versions. The Nexus 5 will be slightly higher after coming out a few months later than the Moto X.

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