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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Muslims Banned From Taking Mars Trip By Religious Clerics

Muslims Banned From Taking Mars Trip By Religious Clerics By – Feb 23, 2014 2 0 SHARE

Muslims who have thought of taking a one-way trip to Mars in near future need to change their mind. They are out of luck now as Muslim clerics in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have banned people of their religion in doing so.

General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment has issued a fatwa, or religious order, banning all the Muslims from signing on for the trip to the red planet.
Planet Mars
The clerics have pointed to Mars One, which is a project dedicating in the establishment of a permanent human settlement on the planet by 2024. They say the hazardous trip is like committing suicide.

The fatwa statement read that the verse 4/29 of the Holy Quran says not to kill oneself or any other person, which also means they should be protecting life against all the possible dangers and also keep it safe. The clerics added a trip to the Mars has the possibility the travelers won’t be able to remain alive on the planet and hence it is more vulnerable to death.

However, the CEO and co-founder of Mars One said the Mars mission is as safe for humans as possible. They will be preceded by about 8 cargo missions. The committee also added several Muslims have earlier made trips too space such as cosmonauts from Russia.

The Mars One website writes the cargo will be having reliable living environment in it that also includes a breathable atmosphere.


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