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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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NASA Invites “Asteroid Hunters” to Develop Algorithm for Identifying Asteroids

NASA Invites “Asteroid Hunters” to Develop Algorithm for Identifying Asteroids By – Mar 12, 2014 0 0 SHARE

If you are interested in study and are able to relate to the space, asteroids and planetary positions then get ready. NASA has an Asteroid Grand Challenge series where in the prize money is 35000 US Dollars and anyone could take part in this Grand Challenge. The content is going to be held on March 17 and NASA’s tournament laboratory alongwith the Planetary Resources is going to conduct this. The contest basically has to do with creating algorithms and will help identify objects close to our planet Earth. The contest begins starting March 17 and ends on April 2nd.
Solar System
Image analysis is going to help protect from asteroid threats. Detection sensitivity is going to be the key component that will prevent such attacks. Also, the algorithms created should be such that it is able to identify any data faults and also should be compatible with every computer. It has been established that only one percent of the threats are being tracked by scientists and with this new algorithms that would be created, it will be easier to identify the potential threats to our planet.

NASA’s FY 2014 planned budget will help to identify a plan that will use robots to capture the asteroid and these will be later directed to a safe orbit close to the earth. The study of deep space is possible if they are able to identify samples from this asteroid. NASA is encouraging all those interested space experts who love to research and create algorithms to participate in this Grand Challenge. These Asteroid hunters will also be able to get a first prize of 1275 US dollars and the second prize is around 638 UYS dollars. Chris Lewicki, the present Chief Engineer and President of the Asteroid Company opines that scientists are not able to identify any potential threats that may be caused to our planet.


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