New & Best Racing Games for iPhone 6 Plus

Games are a good option to kill time and boredom with one shot. An iPhone 6 Plus offers an advanced gaming experience to its users with its unique technology and advanced robotics. There have been an immense increase in release of games after the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus solely because of amazing options it offers to its gaming users. We have a list compiled for you featuring all the games that are either top of the chart or fresh in the market.

Crash Drive 3D

Get into your Monster Truck and drive your way into the gigantic map loaded with ramps, hoops, and an uncertain terrain. You need to be fast and quick to grab as many points as you can to reach the glory. Gaining points will help you unlock vehicles including more Monster Trucks, Busses, or even Muscle Cars. The game provides you four events to choose from Checkpoint racing and coin collecting. The game has total 40 vehicles to unlock to carry out 9 challenges. The game offers a leaderboard to track your performance and achievements to compare with other players online.

RC Heli 2

Enough with bike racing or car racing, RC Heli 2 continues its legacy of offering unique racing experience and that with your own helicopters or what they call it, a Heli. The game has a free flight mode if you want to excel your piloting skills. The game has numerous in-app purchases including combat helis for combat mode, Cruiser 4 Ch UFO and Alien tech 4 Ch heli. Race mode has a racing track made in a 3 story house to offer you greater challenge and difficulty. You can even change the camera mode to first person or third person. You can also fix a camera for a different experience. RC Heli 2 has its very own personalized music composed by a professional musician from Italy, Davide Cecchi.

Fast & Furious: Legacy

Fast & Furious 7 is an absolute stunner and everyone is talking about this amazing movie nowadays. Install this unique game now on your iPhone 6 Plus to enjoy and have fun with all the real time characters of the movie. You can partner with characters of your like and compete against street racers to build your legacy. Some of the best features of this game are availability of the multiple locations across the world and modification of the cars according to your needs to perform better in the streets and dodge the cops with ease. There are 50 cars available in this game, all comes with 3D effects that let you enjoy a truly next-level experience.

Crazy Taxi City Rush

Yes, its the same SEGA game that you most probably have played in your good old days. Now it is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for all those who want to relive their old memories with this beautifully designed game. It comes with several new features as cab drivers can modify their cabs and able to purchase various upgrades to give a new look to their taxis. The game has different missions and levels that you need to complete to build your career. Furthermore, you can connect Crazy Taxi City Rush with Facebook to see your friends’ high scores and compete against them.

Car Traffic Race

A colorful racing game developed by sst. Games like Car Traffic Race are very common where you have to dodge the incoming traffic of all kind, making your way, gaining speed to as far as you can. Car Traffic Race features colorful and beautiful 3D graphics. You need to tap to accelerate; therefore you can control your speed to some extent. Similarly, release tap to slow down by applying brakes. You will be eventually provided with speed ups that will boost your speed and will make you go farthest in lesser time. Do not forget to collect coins on your way. The game offers various scenarios where you can test you racing skills including city, desert, and long bridges.

Earn to Die

Zombie games are always fun. This game, Earn to Die, is a collaboration of zombies and racing. For as low as $0.99 you have to drive your way out through zombie apocalypse. This online gaming is making a hit in gaming industry with over 200 million plays this game is worth giving a shot. The game has an extended story mode which will let you drive cross country on 8 different vehicles to choose from including race car, truck, or even a school bus. Unlock vehicles and then customizing them will add more fun in making a run. The game has various types of zombies that you need to hit and run before they end your life. The game supports awesome animated sequence in its Championship mode.

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